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7+ Bohemian Patterns

Searching for stylish bohemian patterns? We can help you with that. We’ve provided you here with a list of bohemian patterns that are stylish and one of a kind. They will truly embody and spread the unique trend of bohemian culture. They are foregrounding the spirit of being wanderers and adventurers in a world wherein people tend to conform to the societal standards and dictates.

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Bohemian culture is truly loved by many because of its unconventional style and vibe. It embraces the spirit of diversity and embracing one’s unique identity. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down and see for yourself our bold and wholesome bohemian patterns. In addition to them, we also Tribal Patterns, which are also one of a kind. Feel free to check them out.

Seamless Bohemian Pattern


Bohemian Floral Pattern


Black and White Bohemian Pattern


Hand Drawn Bohemian Pattern


A Sneak Peek of Bohemian Culture

Bohemianism is usually associated with the concepts of nonconformity, independence unorthodoxy, and free-spiritedness. It embodies the concept of going back to one’s roots, especially our link with mother nature. To appreciate more our bohemian patterns, here are some key points to remember about bohemian culture:

  • The term bohemian was first recognized as part of the English language during the 19th century in order to define and describe nontraditional lifestyles. It specifically started in France when the so-called artists delved into Romani neighborhoods.
  • These so-called Romani people are recognized by researchers to have originated from Bohemia. They are considered as free-spirited and wanderers by heart and mind.
  • It was only in the 1850s that the culture of bohemianism reach the shores of America, specifically in 1857. A group of young people who were cultured journalists termed themselves as bohemians. The famous Mark Twain and Charles Warren Stoddard also defined themselves to belong to such group.
  • The American College Dictionary referred and defined a bohemian as “a person with artistic and intellectual tendencies.”

These are just some of the highlights of bohemian culture. Aside from that, you can also access our Black and White Patterns, which are also of great quality.

Watercolor Bohemian Feather Pattern


Colorful Bohemian Pattern


Bohemian Tribal Pattern


Abstract Bohemian Pattern


Bohemian Patterns: Empowering and Bold

Most researchers and culture enthusiasts recognize the culture aspect of bohemian patterns. Here are some reasons why you should not let such patterns slip away:

  • Historically rich. Every stroke of the pattern has its own story to tell. The colors complement the culture it is representing. As you can see from the history of bohemianism, it focuses more on how a person defines himself or herself rather than the changes in the society. They will elevate your designs and add a more genuine love and passion on your design.
  • Designs are people-centric. The designs are indeed centered on people and focus more on the dynamics of a person. It does not take into account external factors but, rather, bring more life and beauty to what’s within a human person’s mind and heart. It will empower humanity because we accept our true selves and not just conforming to the settled norms.
  • High quality and never boring. You don’t have to worry about IT-related technicalities because our patterns are in high resolutions. They come in various highly editable formats so you could incorporate your own interpretations of the bohemian design.

Aside from the listed templates, you can also check out our Watercolor Patterns, which are also of great quality. Enjoy your stay at!

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