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8+ Best Chevron Patterns

A kind of pattern in a form of an inverted V-shape is called a chevron. It is dated back in 1800 BC and occurs in the early art such as pottery, rock carvings, and architecture. Today, it is used as a badge or insignia in military or police uniforms to indicate rank or length of service, in heraldry and design of flags, or in other design aesthetics.

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A collection of the best chevron patterns are presented on this page, along with other Photoshop patterns on our website. They can be downloaded and used by designers and artists alike for art projects and masterpieces. Feel free to browse and get inspired by these chevron designs.

Free Chevron Patterns

Vector Chevron Patterns


Seamless Chevron Patterns

Vintage Chevron Patterns Pack

Chevron Stripes Patterns

Where are Chevrons Found

  • Architecture. The chevron is a zigzag molding used as a fret in early architecture. It is a long stretch of painted, sculpted, or calligraphic decorations that may depict scenes in a sequence of discrete panels.
  • Insignia. These patterns are prominent in service uniforms as they are used as insignias to indicate the rank of the person wearing it. The number of chevrons designates the rank the wearer has.
  • Road. Chevrons are also used as signs on the roadside to warn motorist of an upcoming sharp turn. Like any other road signs, they are typically in bright yellow backgrounds and black lettering.
  • Heraldry. Chevrons appeared in the early history of heraldry and are still one of its honorable ordinaries. It is one of the simple geometrical figures which are the chief images in many coats of arms.
  • Flags. The chevron is also used as one of the basic patterns in flags, like the national flags of Jordan, Philippines, Czech Republic and South Africa. The Chevron is usually located at the hoist.
  • Design. The chevron used in designs is essentially a series of V’s laid out in a row or is made of flowing stripes that peak on opposite sides of the line of symmetry. It is a bold pattern that makes a strong impact.

If the chevron pattern is not your cup of tea, check out our lined patterns compilation.

Rainbow Chevron Patterns

Printable Chevron Patterns


Black and White Chevron Patterns


Hand Drawn Chevron Patterns

What Does a Chevron Sign Mean

  • Computing. Either of the inequality signs is used as brackets in mark-up languages like HTML.
  • Typography. A pair of the symbols is used to enclose text in various technical context.
  • Mathematics. Aside from inequality, it is used in mathematical formulas to denote an interval or a continuous parameter.
  • Language. Used as a guillemet in several languages to indicate passages of speech, much like the quotation marks.

What Does a Chevron Symbolize

  • In heraldry. The chevron represents the foot of a house and signifies protection. It is granted to builders and those who have accomplished work that requires faithful service.
  • In design. Chevron’s hardened edges symbolize masculine dominance and rank and is usually used to decorate things for the male species. The Chevron stripes can create some serious texture to any design.
  • In Celtic art. The shape of the chevron is considered the mark of a warrior or hunter and generally represents dutiful service given freely. It also represents the peaks and valleys of life.

Despite its meanings and symbolisms, using the high-energy chevron pattern is a great way to breathe life into an otherwise quiet and unassuming design. For other geometric patterns that you may want to pull off aside from this compilation, feel free to browse our website and visit other articles.

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