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9+ Damask Pattern Samples

Damask designs originated in Damascus, Syria (hence, its name). The term damask refers to a type of reversible fabric which uses different weaving techniques to create decorative patterns on cotton, silk, or woolen fabric from a Jacquard loom. Its first use involves fabrics for luxury and royalty, but nowadays, it can refer to any design element that features elaborately designed scroll motifs arranged in a grid, which is a stark representation of the patterns seen on damask fabrics.

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When you want your design to feel imperial or luxurious, reach for our collection of several damask patterns available to download and use for your creative projects. While you’re here, take a look at our Black and White Patterns too for more design and creative ideas.

Seamless Damask Pattern


Damask Fabric Pattern


Black and White Damask Pattern


Free Damask Vector Pattern


Mosaic Tile Damask Pattern


Features of the Damask Pattern

  • Luxury. The kind of fabric damask originates from has a very dense weave that requires a great deal of thread. The amount of labor involved in producing it and the extremely high price of the silk medium made damask products a symbol of elegance.
  • Intricacy. The damask pattern is often in monochromatic design that features geometric and botanical patterns, such as flowers, fruits, and stylized leaves. Later on, they integrated animals, hunting motifs, coat of arms, and even full scenes, adding to its already-intricate design.
  • Gracefulness. It is believed to be one of the first and most graceful patterns of the Renaissance. Being mainly used in fabrics, its allure is due to the reflection of light in the weave structure that is also emulated with the damask patterns nowadays.

You can also check out our Baroque Patterns for more of these types of designs.

Modern Damask Pattern


Vintage Damask Pattern


Dark Damask Pattern


Colorful Floral Damask Pattern


Winter Damask Pattern


How are Damask Patterns Used

  • Wallpaper. Using the damask pattern as a wallpaper can transform any plain room into a spectacular one. Because of its luxurious and elegant features, it can set a similar one to any room.
  • Upholstery. When used on fabrics, damask comes in a firm and glossy pattern that exudes a silky and cozy feel, which is great for cushions, beddings, and upholstery.
  • Curtains and draperies. This pattern is made by weaving silk onto fabrics with a high thread count, which makes the fabric reversible and durable, therefore it is ideal for curtains and draperies.
  • Tablecloths and napkins. Damask is a great way to increase the ambiance of a dining room because of its luxurious appearance and texture. It can create a stunning contrast when draped on top of a plain background.
  • Other design materials. Damask nowadays can be used in different purposes such as decorations for cakes, backgrounds for images or web pages, or as textures for outer clothing and bags, among others.

The damask pattern can be seen as traditional and outdated, but with its modern uses, perhaps it just proves that it can also be for everyone, whether you like your designs to be delicate with a more monochromatic impression of the damask pattern or dark and dangerous with inky blots or overlaid skulls on the pattern. Don’t forget there are more Photoshop Patterns available on our website that you might also want to check out. So go ahead and browse away!

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