9+ Hand Drawn Photoshop Patterns


Hand drawn designs are always a pleasure to look at especially with the soft silhouettes and structures that they can provide. More so, there are different ways that hand drawn designs can be presented just like in various patterns where the character of this particular design trend is fully shown.

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We have collected a number of hand drawn Photoshop patterns so you can have references available on hand whenever you need a hand drawn pattern design in your future design and craft endeavors. Other than that, we also have other kinds of Photoshop patterns all available for download in the provided link.

Seamless Hand Drawn Patterns

seamless hand drawn patternsDownload

Vector Hand Drawn Patterns

vector hand drawn patternsDownload

Abstract Hand Drawn Patterns

abstract hand drawn patternsDownload

Hand Drawn Doodle Patterns

hand drawn doodle patternsDownload

Hand Drawn Patterns with Waves

hand drawn patterns with waves2Download

Kinds of Hand Drawn Patterns

The overall aesthetic of hand drawn patterns depend on the techniques that are used in creating them and the interlinking of the lines that results to unique pattern designs. A few samples of hand drawn patterns are as follows:

  • Seamless hand drawn patterns are the patterns that can be repetitively used in a specific medium to create a larger pattern that is continuous and smoothly flowing. These hand drawn patterns will be great wallpaper backgrounds may it be in physical or digital documents and materials.
  • Vector hand drawn patterns are the hand drawn patterns that are more polished. These hand drawn patterns can be used by event planners and organizers in creating the designs of invitations and other documents present in event planning and execution.
  • Abstract hand drawn patterns are works of art that are visually satisfying and striking. The play on colors and lines in this particular hand drawn pattern can be a great art piece or decor in any usable spaces.
  • Hand drawn doodle patterns can be used by merchandise producers because of their appeal and bold design. You can just digitally print these hand drawn doodle patterns and place them on items like tote bags, caps and clothing materials. We have more kinds of doodle patterns in the provided link.

Hand Drawn Floral Pattern

hand drawn floral pattern

Hand Drawn Geometric Patterns

hand drawn geometric patterns

Ornamental Hand Drawn Patterns

ornamental hand drawn patternsDownload

Colorful Abstract Hand Drawn Patterns

colorful abstract hand drawn patternsDownload

Hand Drawn Heart Patterns

hand drawn heart patternsDownload

Suggestions in Creating Hand Drawn Patterns

It is for one that you can just download our patterns and use them any way you want to. More so, you can also make them your design inspirations in creating your own hand drawn pattern. A few suggestions that you may follow in creating hand drawn patterns include the following:

  • Be creative and use different kinds of lines and structures to make your design look more unique, artistic and attractive.
  • Play with the use of color hues and vibrancy. Use different kinds of materials in making the hand drawn patterns that you are creating.
  • If you want to use the hand drawn pattern for a specific purpose, assess whether the pattern that you have in mind will look good when placed to the material where you plan to put it.
  • Combine various elements other than lines and shapes. It is suggested for you to use hand drawn images and icons so that your pattern will become more alive.

If you want to have more samples of other kinds of patterns once you have downloaded our hand drawn patterns in this post, we have downloadable samples and templates of Abstract Patterns in the provided link.

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