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9+ Rainbow Patterns

We’re all fascinated by the magic and beauty of rainbows. Regardless of our roots and differences in life, the smiles on our faces upon seeing a vibrant rainbow are priceless. In connection to this, rainbow-themed designs are favored by designers around the world. To escape from the hassles of searching your own designs, you can simply download our set of patterns.

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We here provide you with an array of rainbow textures for you to choose from. You don’t need to worry because they’re easy to download and use. They will indeed enrich your rainbow connection. Aside from this, we also have Photoshop Patterns that you can avail.

Abstract Rainbow Floral Pattern


Rainbow Stripes Pattern


Rainbow Light Pattern


Rainbow Spiral Pattern


Psychedelic Rainbow Pattern


Different Variations of Rainbows

As a general perspective, people do not really delve into the variations of a rainbow. A rainbow is beautiful as it is, but it is always a good practice tot get to know some of the variations of a rainbow to appreciate and acknowledge more the beauty of our patterns. Here are some of the said variations:

  • Full-circle rainbow. From the ground, what is visible is only the upper half portion of the rainbow. Ultimately, a rainbow is a full circle. According to research, the rainbow’s center is diametrically opposed to the sun’s position to the sky. The circle shape can only be visible as the sun approaches the horizon.
  • Twin rainbow. In this type of variation, the very rare twin-arc rainbow appears as two arcs that split from a single base. The so-called second bow adopt the same color scheme as that of the first bow.
  • Supernumerary rainbows. There are instances that the faintly colored bands are visible as bordering the violet edge of the rainbow.

These are just some of the variations of a rainbow. There are still more. Feel free to download our patterns to get ideas on the different kinds of rainbows. You can also check out our Black and White Patterns if you’re going for a monochrome feel.

Hexagonal Rainbow Pattern


Rainbow Triangular Pattern


Vintage Rainbow Pattern


Chevron Rainbow Pattern


Rainbow Diagonal Pattern


Downloadable Rainbow Patterns

Nothing compares to the divinity, vibrancy, and meaningful vibe a rainbow brings to the world. In line with this feature, most patterns use the rainbow color scheme. As we all know, the rainbow is composed of seven colors, namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

In using rainbow patters, it is good for you to know some of the colors in order to match them up with a suitable theme:

  • Green. It is the color of nature and health. It symbolizes growth and greener pasture. It is more likened to relevance of life. It is also said to have healing powers.
  • Yellow. This is considered as the brightest color that the human eyes can see. It represents happiness, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. We all need that a ray of sunshine in our lives.
  • Blue. This color represents coolness and intelligence. It is widely used by large companies, hospitals, and airlines companies.

These are just some of the colors of the rainbow. Try downloading our textures to discover more about them. You can also refer to our  Geometric Patterns, which are also of great quality. Just click on the provided link to access them.

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