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9+ Beautiful Watercolor Patterns – Vector EPS, PNG

People have a natural attraction to patterns, especially those done in simple and colorful geometric shapes. We find symmetry instantly beautiful. The simple reason for this is that patterns are consistent and balanced, and any space using these arrangements as decoration evokes the same sense of harmony and peace of mind.

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This is why we see it in almost every wallpaper design, and why we can find a whole artistic slew of minimalist Photoshop patterns online.

In this beautiful collection our website has to offer, we can see how the attractive power of patterns integrates stunningly and seamlessly with the signature graceful hues of watercolor as a medium.

Seamless Watercolor Patterns

Fruits & Vegetables Watercolor Patterns

Watercolor Whales Pattern

Blue & Pink Watercolor Pattern

100 Watercolor Pattern Styles

The Psychology of Patterned Design

Vivid and complex or elegant and subdued, floral patterns and polygonal designs are classic shapes you can find anywhere. From ancient times, such patterns were used in hieroglyphs and pottery, carpets and clothing, religious artifacts, tattoos, and architecture.

Today they are just as versatile, and our move to the digital world has only brought it along with us: now they are common as wallpaper designs and smartphone covers, and there is a new, growing trend for geometric shapes in website graphic and advertisement design.

The scope is staggering. Some patterns have a simplicity that suggests even a five-year-old can copy them, and some have such dizzying intricacy you can get lost in them.

The uniqueness of these watercolor patterns is clear in the combination. There is vibrancy and boldness in many of the shapes used, and yet there is an interestingly subtlety with the gentler wash of color.

We’ve seen how patterns are timelessly appealing, and we know that the effects of watercolor are unrivaled. Together they create something altogether astounding.

Abstract Watercolor Pattern

Watercolor Hearts Patterns

Minimalist Style Watercolor Patterns

Free Watercolor Patterns

Valentine’s Day Watercolor Flowers Patterns

How You Can Use Patterns to Draw Attention

Knowing what we know about patterns, there is a unique opportunity in the field of functional design for those who are sensitive to the effects one can create with this trend.

First you need to know that the whole visual world is comprised of either of two shapes:

  • Organic shape
  • Geometric shape

Organic shapes are naturally occurring and basically irregular. Almost everything you see in nature is an organic shape. Geometric shapes are perfect lines and curves, and they rarely appear in nature (perhaps just in a snowflake). They exist in the realm of ideas and for our purposes can be easily created using digital tools.

The next thing you need to know is, you can create a pattern using either kind of shape.

Geometric shapes are naturally easier to patternize, but just look at the lyrical harmony evoked by the examples using organic shapes:

  • the Blue & Pink Watercolor Pattern
  • the Valentine’s Day Watercolor Flowers
  • the Minimalist Style Watercolor Patterns
  • the Fruits & Vegetables Watercolor Patterns
  • and the Watercolor Whales Pattern

You can create similarly interesting vintage Photoshop patterns simulating these designs. A seamless design can be patched over a large area without any noticeable break.

If you understand the psychology of pattern and shape in design as exemplified in this mosaic of mosaics, you are already ahead of the curve.

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