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For any careers involving art, it is the portfolio and not the resume that gives way to opportunities. Sure the resume may help, but most of the time, the portfolio, which is the showcase of a person’s skills in his craft, are what really displays his mettle. Through the portfolio, potential clients and customers can examine the owner if he or she has the right and enough skills to do the work he or she will be commisioning. This is especially true on works involving visual art. You can also read construction company catalog templates.

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Creating a portfolio can be a daunting task especially when that portfolio involves a person’s personal work. Unlike a corporate portfolio, where the makers just need to select stock pictures and photographs, art portfolios like photography portfolios involve perusing and choosing among their enormous body of work on what to display. Asking for such a task is like asking a parent who their favorite child is. That is hard, if not, heartbreaking work.

Photography Portfolio Catalog Template


Photography Catalog Template


Multipurpose Portfolio Catalog Template


What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio can mean a lot of different things. However, the concepts that usually first comes to mind are the career portfolio and the artist’s portfolio. The former refers to the collection of an organized presentation of an individual’s education, work samples, and skills while the latter refers to a sample of an artist’s work or a case used to display artwork, photographs, basically the art of the artist. For all intents and purposes, this page will be mostly referencing the latter for the photography portfolio.

Creative Photography Portfolio Catalog

Photography Portfolio Catalog Design

The Need for A Portfolio

To secure work in most creative fields, be it writing, web design, graphic design, advertising, photography, and others, a portfolio is an essential requirement to secure a job. The portfolio basically provides proof of a person’s accomplishments to his employers. It is a demonstration of a person’s talents and the ability to produce high-quality work in that selected field.

Photography Portfolio Catalog Example

Photography Portfolio Catalog Sample

The Photography Portfolio

The photography portfolio is a type of portfolio that focuses on a single subject. This subject can be a collection of photographs taken with a certain type of camera. It could be about pictures taken in one geographic area. It could be a collection of photographs related to the type of photography he or she wants a career in, be it wedding photography, photojournalism, and event photography. At the very least, a photography portfolio is technically photographers ticket to get a job.

Photography Portfolio A4 Catalog

Photography Portfolio Square Catalog Sample

Creating Your Photography Portfolio

As stated above, the creation of a portfolio can involve a lot of hard and daunting work. Not only is it difficult to select which works to include in the portfolio, designing the portfolio can also be extremely hard. That being said, putting together a portfolio can bring with it a lot of benefits.

1. Understand the Portfolio

Simply put, a photography portfolio is a collection of the body of work. It is often a misunderstood fact that the portfolio is a “greatest hits album” of the creator’s photographs. Creating such kind of portfolio may not be a bad idea, however, such portfolios with a unifying theme, style, or subject. You can also see business catalog templates.

2. What is the Portfolio for?

A photography portfolio is a ticket for the photographer to showcase his or her work. With that said, it is important to consider what that portfolio is for, whether or it is for a job interview, or for a chance to get an exhibit. It is vital that the portfolio is honed and sharpened to hit that intended target.

3. Consider the Audience

Once the aim of the portfolio has been cemented, it is time to consider the people that the portfolio should reach. Think of the reactions that they need to feel. The portfolio should contain photos that try to evoke these emotions. It is for the best if the portfolio can have this shots that evoke such emotions. You can also see product catalogue templates.

4. Paper vs Digital

The advent of technology has provided multiple ways to present the portfolio. There are both advantages and shortcomings to both. Carefully consider if PDFs or JPGs are the better mediums for the portfolio or good old physical paper can do the work. You can also see sales catalog templates.

Photography Portfolio Tri-Fold Catalog Design

Simple Photography Portfolio Catalog

5. Style and Design

The portfolio’s style and design is the next thing that needs consideration. This design is the thing that will tie everything together. Careful consideration should be done when selecting the paper used to print the photographs, though there are no restrictions on the size, shape, and style. You can also see catalog layout templates.

6. Theme

Remember, the most effective portfolios are those that is unified with an idea. This is the theme of the portfolio. This idea could be about the subject shot, like portraits of the streets or beautiful landscapes. The portfolio’s theme could lie on its color scheme. Its pictures can be black and white or sepia. The portfolio can even be tied together by the type of camera all the photos were taken. At the very least, pander your portfolio to your audience. If the portfolio is used to look for a marriage photography job, then tailor the portfolio to do so.

7. Choose the Shots

This is the part of the portfolio-making process that is often considered to be the most difficult. It is the part where the parent should select their favorite child. It is advisable to ask for advice or a second opinion on from others during this process as they can bring in objective observations. At the very least, remember that having a few perfectly executed shots is a lot better than having a huge number of just fairly good shots. You can also see free catalog templates.

8. Presentation

The presentation is the last key element of the portfolio. How the portfolio is presented will be what makes or breaks its effectiveness. The countless number of great pictures that comprise the portfolio will not work if they are not presented in a somewhat optimized manner. You may also see restaurant catalog templates.

The photos in the portfolio should be enhanced by other elements like the presentation techniques, borders, and colors of the backing sheet. Considering the order of how the photographs are to be presented is also important to consider. It is important to consider doing the order in a logical manner. All in all, the way the photos are presented should aim to evoke a mood that the intended audience should have. You can also like exhibition catalog examples.

9. Additional Contents

These will be the finishing touches of the portfolio. Consider adding additional things that will work for its effectiveness. Some things to include to enhance the overall portfolio would be artistic statements, a list of included shots, titles for shots and a short description, date or location of the shot, a thumbnail contact sheet. These things are optional. However, they must not take the spotlight away from the photographs themselves. The portfolio is, after all, the stage for the photographs.

10. Present the Portfolio

The portfolio is meant to be viewed. Thus, it is important to present it to people. These people can offer some opinions on the said portfolio. Listen to this people and think if whether or not their feedback is valid. No one really knows where good advice can come from. You may also see service catalog templates.

Minimal Photography Portfolio Catalog Design

Photography Catalog Portfolio Design

Things to Avoid in the Photography Portfolio

If one is just starting on creating a portfolio, making mistakes will be unavoidable. Such mistakes may be bad news, however, there will be nothing really that anybody can do about them except learn from such mistakes and take those lessons for the next portfolio. With that said, it would still be helpful to know about which things to avoid. You may also see recipe cookbook catalog templates.

1. DON’T include similar images – Including similar images in the portfolio can be a sign of laziness in the photographer’s part. Although it is okay to use photos from the same shoot, it is still important to have a distinctive difference on these photos. The portfolio should not give a bad impression of the photographer rather, it should promote his skills. You mat also see fashion catalog templates.

2. DON’T use inconsistent images – The portfolio should be the identity of the photographer’s style. Potential clients can use the portfolio to help determine if their taste coincide well with that of the photographers. If one photo that is out of the photographer’s style is what catches the audience’s eye, trouble will have ahead. You can also see jewelry catalog templates.

3. DON’T forget the audience – Remember that the portfolio will be last found in the hands of its intended audience. Thus, it is essential that the portfolio will cater to that said audience. This not only applies to the pictures found on that portfolio, but also to the other elements of the portfolio like the title, covers, and border pages. You may also see course catalog templates.

Creative Photography Portfolio Design

Minimalist Photography Portfolio A4 Catalog


A photography portfolio will be the bread and butter of a photographer if he aims to get hired for work. This portfolio will replace his resume in showing and convincing potential customers of his skills, talents, and achievements. The portfolio, therefore, should be well made, well presented and the pictures inside, be well selected. Although mistakes will be unavoidable in the making of a portfolio, it will not be the end of the world. These mistakes can help refine the next portfolio of the photographer. That said, it is still important to keep the number of the mistakes at a minimum. You can also like wedding catalog designs.

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