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Why do we capture beautiful photos? Why not? To capture a photo is one thing, while to capture a beautiful photo is whole different idea. To capture a beautiful photo requires skills and techniques you learn through experience. You don’t learn it overnight. It requires time and handiwork.

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Photography is simply defined as the art of taking and processing photos. But the process does not end there. Once the photograph is shared by different media, it will be subject to thousands of interpretations. There you can see the complexity behind the simplicity of a single photo. Check out our photography examples you can take inspiration from.

Beautiful Nature Photography

beautiful nature photographyDownload

Beautiful Wedding Photography

beautiful wedding photographyDownload

Beautiful Black and White Photography

beautiful black and white photographyDownload

Beautiful Flower Photography

beautiful flower photographyDownload

Beautiful Still Life Photography

beautiful still life photographyDownload

Photography and the Society

For as long as we can remember, the human race has tried to capture moments. From the very first cavemen painting flora and fauna in their caves, to da Vinci’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, to the earliest iterations of cameras where subjects stayed still for minutes at a time, to modern cameras where moments are within our fingertips, the human condition involves capturing moments.

There are many schools of thought in photography, but you can’t go wrong with pointing your camera and snapping whatever it is that captured your attention. Here are the major schools of thought in photography:

  • Wildlife photography. Capturing memorable photos of nature was popularized by National Geographic photographers. Some wait days, weeks, and even months on the field patiently waiting for the perfect moment to capture.
  • Black-and-white photography. Considered the purest form of photography since it takes colors off the equation, leaving only the form, lighting, and textures of subjects.
  • Landscape photography. Practitioners of this art form take sweeping photos of rolling hills, mountain ranges, and sleepy rural scenes.
  • Macro photography. This form of photography involves extreme close-up shots of very small subjects, such as insects, in which the size of the final product is bigger than the size of the subject.

There is an extricable link between photography and the society. A beautiful photograph can bring about positive changes in a society. Photography has become a tool in which it foregrounds social issues and be instruments of change.

A simple photograph can influence society as a whole.

Beautiful Landscape Photography

beautiful landscape photographyDownload

Beautiful Macro Photography

beautiful macro photographyDownload

Beautiful Animal Photography

beautiful animal photographyDownload

Beautiful Rainy Photography

beautiful rainy photographyDownload

Beautiful Beach Photography

beautiful beach photographyDownload

Beautiful Night Sky Photography

beautiful night sky photographyDownload

Taking the Perfect Photo

If you want to capture a beautiful photo, there are a few of technicalities to remember. There are varied factors to take note in capturing a photo such as the following:

  • Theme or concept of a photo
  • The subject
  • Measuring the distance between the photographer and the subject
  • Lighting conditions

These are just simple things to take into account. But once you ace them, you only have one element left to master, and that is capturing with a heart.

A photo will never be beautiful if you don’t appreciate and cherish it. Take inspiration from our designs. Every photo is telling you a story. You cannot help yourself but be hooked on the mystery and fascination photos constantly feed you. Feel free to check out our photos and see for yourself. If you’re a budding lifestyle or event photographer, take some tips and find inspiration from our portrait photography collection. We are sure you are going to love them.

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