9+ Bokeh Photography Designs


Bokeh, in photography, is the type of out-of-focus image and is the blur design the lens produce. It gives a pleasing treat to the eyes through the different shapes created, unlike some blurring of the lens that give a displeasing look. Photographers intentionally uses a small depth of field when capturing pictures to be able to create this type of design.

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Bokeh is highly appreciated when used in small highlights in the background—for example, light sources—which is why bokeh photography usually affiliates with these types of photos. However, bokeh is also associated with all out-of-focus types of pictures.

If you are a lover of these type of cool photography ideas, you are in luck because we have provided some samples that you can use in your liking.

Creative Bokeh Photography

creative bokeh photographyDownload

Bokeh Love Photography

bokeh love photographyDownload

Bokeh Lights Photography

bokeh lights photographyDownload

Winter Bokeh Photography

winter bokeh photographyDownload

Bokeh Woman Photography

bokeh portrait photographyDownload

It’s a Blur

A type of conceptual photography, bokeh came from the Japanese word boke meaning “blur” or “haze.” The English spelling of the word, which is bokeh, was made famous around 1997 by Mike Johnston in Photo Technique Magazine. He changed the spelling of the word, claiming the the correct pronunciation was “bo” with bone and “ke” as to Kenneth, with equal stresses in the syllables. Since then, the word bokeh has been known around photography books and magazines.

To save you from the further technical explanation on how bokeh photography is created, we offer here bokeh photos to cater to you in any way you may need them:

  • Bokeh Love. This photo contains a simple object in the shape of a heart with a blurred background. A sweet-looking array of small orbs reflected from lights give it a much rather special value to its simpleness.
  • Winter Bokeh. Celebrate winter with this bokeh-styled photo. A beautiful scene of a countryside road covered with snow is added with a dramatic effect by those orange and red spheres in the upper-right corner.
  • Bokeh Bird. This photo is different from the others considering it is blurred on both the front section and the background.

Aside from these examples given, we also have other quite exquisite bokeh photos that you can choose from.

Bokeh Flower Photography

bokeh flower photography1Download

Bokeh Fashion Photography

bokeh fashion photographyDownload

Bokeh Bird Photography

bokeh bird photographyDownload

Bokeh Backdrop Photography

bokeh backdrop photography

Bokeh City Photography

bokeh city photography

How to Use These Photos

As we have provided you with some ideas on how to use these wonderfully created bokeh pictures, you could download any of the pictures offered here and use them in these ways:

  • Background. These things of beauty are a treat to look at anytime of the day. Try having them as a background on videos, banners, or posters.
  • Wallpaper. Their unique type of designs would add artistic beauty to computers, cellphones, or on anything you use them as a wallpaper.
  • Postcard. If writing to friends who adore photography, using these as postcards would surely complement their hobby and love for capturing moments with their cameras.
  • Framed. Try having these framed and hung on the wall. They will give your home or office a modern feel.

Why Use These?

Now that we have offered some ideas on how to use these photos in everyday life, we have here some reasons on why you should use them:

  • They are value for your hard-earned money. Though most of these images are free to download, a few of them may require you to pay a reasonable royalty fee, which means you own the image you download and modify and distibute it however you want.
  • They are artistic. We are offering creative and unique photos for you to cater to your kind of taste.
  • They are accessible. This website offers these photos all day every day
  • They are efficient. Download, print, and put them out into the world.

Indulge more in photography by checking out some still life photography on our website from which you may take inspiration on your new projects.

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