9+ Cool Photography Designs


Photography has evolved as an art form over the years. And with the advent of smartphones with sophisticated cameras and social media platforms, the art of taking pictures will remain as visible and celebrated as ever. When we look at photographs, there is a kind of “feel” that we experience, whether it relaxes us, confounds us, scares us, or make us remember something.

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Here we have compiled for you a wonderful list of cool conceptual photography examples for when you just need to look at something beautiful.

Cool Still Life Photography

cool still life photographysource

Cool Lighting Photography

cool lighting photographysource

Cool Landscape Photography

cool landscape photographysource

Cool Nature Photography

cool nature photographysource

Cool Portrait Photography

cool portrait photographysource

How to Make Your Photographs Look Cool

Pictures with cool tones exude deep and nostalgic effects and look great with any subject matter, whether it’s landscapes, portraits, or still life photography. But exactly do you achieve this look?

The Subject Matter

Cool photographs are easily and immediately achieved by choosing subjects that already have cool color elements, such as an ocean, a winter scenery, or a person with blue or green eyes and pale skin. This will save you the trouble of having to wash out warm colors or make it look cooler in a photo editing software or using filters.

Cool Lighting

Go and shoot on days that are a bit cool, such as during overcast or rainy weather. The lighting during dawn is also pretty great, rendering a cool, vintage effect on a photo. Needless to say, night photography always looks cool and beautiful, especially if taken with the proper exposures, shutter speeds, and ISO settings.

Cool Backgrounds

Taking your photo against cool hues such as shades of blue and green always makes the shot cooler, no matter what your focal subject is. Cool wedding photographs can be achieved with the sea or an expanse of grass or trees in the background. Pictures of animals against wood and leaf textures also looks very tranquil.

50 Shades of White

Getting the right white balance for your shot, coupled with the right temperature and lighting, will surely achieve the cool tone you’re looking for. Of course, you’ll need to know how to adjust white balance settings and manipulate camera settings to get the right amount of coolness to your photograph. If you don’t know how to do this, read the next item below.

Cool/Vintage Filters

With the myriad of social media platforms that cater to artistic photography, you’ll have an almost innumerable selection of filters to automatically give your shot a cool tone. Vintage filters immediately transform an ordinary photo into a picture that is at once nostalgic and romantic.

Cool Wedding Photography

cool wedding photographysource

Cool Vintage Photography

cool vintage photographysource

Cool Beach Photography

cool beach photographysource

Cool Night Photography

cool night photographysource

Cool Animal Photography

cool animal photographysource

The Need for Beauty

Our current obsession with photography today confirms our human need for beauty. When we look at something that arrests us or stirs up an emotion of wonder in us, we immediately desire to capture it so that we can look at it over and over again and be reminded of how we felt when we first beheld it.

The photographs in this list are just a few of the hundreds of thousand in the web out there. You can check out other kinds of photographs we already have in our archive. We have stirring samples of flower photography, landscape photography, waterdrop photography, and others.

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