9+ Emotions in Photography


Portrait photography can also be called as emotional photography. While capturing humans, one does not only captures their faces but also their emotions. The emotions are reflected from the eyes, from the face, and from the actions.

Emotional photography can be used for various purposes. It is mostly used in projects that has similar themes related to emotions.

To capture emotions in photography, you have to wait for the right moment and capture subject’s mood. Anticipation is the key to capture emotions in photography. Also, there are some fine details that help you in capturing emotions.
However, capturing emotions is not easy and there are a lot of factors that work to bring out the perfect emotion that is needed in the frame. Here are some photographs to inspire you achieve that.

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Emotional Photography Set

emotional photography set Download

The image given here has been captured as a part of a college assignment. As per the photographer, the images depict his emotions he felt during the semester. There is a sense of loneliness and depression but also happiness from the relief when the semester finished. The photographer has said that the inspiration behind his project and the images he has captured have come from some cheesy movies.

Portrait Emotional Photography

portrait emotional photography Download

Emotional Pain Photography

emotional pain photography Download

The photograph here has captured pain and relief at the same time. While some would see pain, others would like to see relief. That is left for on the onlooker to decide.

Emotional Gothic Photography

emotional gothic photography Download

Goth or gothic has become an emotion that is mostly associated with the dark. It is certainly not a happy emotion but can be labeled as completely sad as well. Gothic lies in the gray zone and is also perceived as an escape by people who like to call themselves gothic.

Emotional Tears Photography

emotional tears photography Download

Tears are an indication of emotion and these can for happiness as well as for sadness. After all there are some of us known as the “emotional fools” who get tears during good days as well as bad days. Tears project strong emotions and if you are capturing photographs depicting emotions, tears is an element that would certainly help capture what you want.

Emotional Photography

emotional photography Download

Portrait photography captures some or the other kind of emotions. The photograph given here might carry a certain emotion for someone but a completely different emotion for someone else. The emotion captured in the photograph also depends on the perception of the viewer. The picture, for us, depicts anticipation.

Sad Emotional Photography

sad emotional photography Download

Depression is a negative emotion that can destroy its victims. Capturing it in a frame, will certainly not give you a happy vibe. This kind of photography is done only when required.

Emotional Black And White Photography

emotional black and white photography Download

Black and white photographs capture emotions with utmost depth. The reason behind this may be the fact that the onlooker tends to concentrate on the emotions more. The photograph here beautiful captures the emotion that can be love and compassion. When you capture a child the emotions become even more prominent.

Love Emotional Photography

love emotional photography Download

Love is the emotions that everyone wants to feel and an emotions that everyone feel differently. The photograph here captures love by capturing a couple in a romantic and breezy ambiance. In photography, the ambiance also helps in depicting the emotion.

Like we said, it is also the ambience that helps bringing out the emotions. The subject and the ambiance have to be in sync and that can be difficult for a photographer. Most of the time the photographer might not necessarily be able to portray the emotion that he wants and it might be perceived as something completely different by the one who is seeing the photo.

However there are things that one only learns with experience and capturing emotions is one of them.

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