20+ Feminine Styled Stock Photography

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In this article, we are offering 10 examples of styled stock photography that enhance your brand. Most of these are women-oriented and feminine. If you need beautiful stock images for your blog post, make use of these. The below sections even give you a demonstration on how to use these styled stock images. This helps you to cross-check whether you are using them correctly.

Females’ Cosmetics Stock Photography


The must-haves of a Woman world. The good, nice, and beautiful of it. This consists of nail polish, lipstick, perfume, and other makeup ‘vanity’. Use this for your makeup essentials.

Interior Decor Styled Stock Photography


An exam board with a clip and a white paper. The italic lettering just works fine in this image. Also, the bunch of flowers in the transparent jar brings simplicity to the photo. Feminine websites will have this image to mention some ‘notes’.

Editable Styled Stock Photography


This is not for the gang of guys. This is exclusively for a smart and cute group of girls. You can use this Cool background for girls in your website to reach feminists.

Fashion Fresh Flowers on Blue Wooden Background


This photograph has been taken from the top view. It is surrounded by some female makeup kit items including makeup brush, eyebrow pencils, chain, and a few roses. The blue wooden background elevates the image.

Watercolor Styled Stock Photography


This photograph is enriched with a contemporary calligraphy typeface flowing called Allisia Misfa. The feminine and cursive font color resemble elite blueberries. You can conveniently use this for your feminine web series.

Colorful Styled Stock Photography


This photo is dominated by gold, white, and some pink flowers. It is pretty enticing. This free stock photo looks awesome on Gold backgrounds. It is also applicable for women lifestyle related websites.

Stationery Supplies Glamour Styled Stock


Things that impress her on a table. This pink and gold combination brings some unexplainable glamour to your web space. Stationery supplies that consist of a pair of scissors, stapler, and other stuff – all in gold color.

Camera & Stationery in Feminine Styled Stock Photo


Another receivable for your online premises. Download it, open it in any web editing tool or software, customize it as per your requirements, and then save it. But don’t expect any physical product similar to this to be delivered upon purchase.

Web Design Photography Free Download


This styled marketing photography design looks very obvious and screen friendly on both iPhone and iPad. On a whole, the free mockup is a good hitch for ad optimized magazines.

Feminine Styled Frame Mockup


Feminine Styled Desktop with Autumn Floral


Flower Stock Photography


Branding Feminine Styled Stock Photography


Feminine Blog Fashion Photography


This Photography design throws the fairer sex to far vacations. A bag, Goggles, camera, chain, scarf, pen, and a book on a metallic background. What else does a Girly blog need?

Graphic Design Background Styled Stock Photo


Feminine Autumn Floral Desktop


Feminine Light Mockup


Feminine Plant & Pink Camera


Mockup Styled Stock Photography


iPhone Mockup Stock Photography


Feminine Desktop Styling Photography


You can have all these samples with a minimum investment. If you run an online community with some artists and crafters(just like Etsy), then none of the above stock is irrelevant for you. Design one that lasts forever with the above examples. They are also good for social media use.

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