20+ Inspirational Forced Perspective Photography


You must have seen them before. But the only thing is you might not have known that there is a name for this category. Forced perspective is a photography manipulation that creates an optical illusion of the size and distance of an object. Today you are going to see some forced perspective photography samples with an excellent cinematographic technique. They are perfectly positioned with a great reflection and brightness. Now you can also try some perspective photography samples while keeping your camera static.

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Night Cityscape Focused in Glasses

night cityscape focused in glasses

Here the night cityscape is captured and focused in glasses. This classy photography stands as a great example of Macro Photography. Photography inventions like these make you forget time. They are the completely engaging ones.

Blowing in The Wind Photography

blowing in the wind photography

This picture has been taken in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, which is the world’s largest salt flats. You can guarantee that this is a genuine and unedited photo. But how is the hand looking so huge?

Forced Perspective Cloud Photography

forced perspective cloud photography

This might be a bit confusing and it takes some time for us to understand the concept. If you don’t want to go for something frightening, you can opt this simple and creative example.

Magic Lights Perspective Photography

magic lights perspective photography

Angle and perspective are very important in forced perspective photography. After all, it is all about using the smallest aperture possible to gain the maximum DOF. With this, you can get a Disney Imagineering. Look at the above one.

Nice Forced Perspective Photography

nice forced perspective photography

Here a lady with goggles was is kissing the Great Sphinx of Giza pyramid in Egypt. This has been captured during her 2010 trip to Egypt. This unedited photo puts photoshop to shame.

Photo Trick Perspective Photography

photo trick perspective photography

Here a monster leg is trying to shoe a small lilliput. A fun example for your fun holidays. An unlimited focus range with an expansive landscape to create this. Excellent Conceptual photography!

Canvas Forced Perspective Photography

canvas forced perspective photography

This Canvas Forced Perspective Photography is the best example of Abstract Photography without a single deviation. Here the hand seems to spraypaint the clouds. You will love the simplicity of the manipulation.

Sunset Perspective Photography

sunset perspective photography

Brainwash your creativity with this Sunset Perspective Photography. Creationism is proven here with this. You will definitely feel the benefits in practicing this sample. One person is toying with the sun at a bay area.

Forced Perspective Illusion Photography

forced perspective illusion photography

This forced perspective illusion photography is nothing less than nice. Instead of practicing things with hopeless struggle, you can keep this as an inspiration to become better. This definitely tricks the eyes.

Perspective Photography by Alan Travers

perspective photography by alan travers

An artistic statement! Very cool shot and idea. In fact, it came from a nice imagination. With this, now you can get your facts right. If you haven’t thought of this earlier, now is the time.

Forced Commercial Perspective Photography

commercial forced perspective photography

Handling a Bike Photography

handling a bike photography

Optical Illusion Photography

optical illusion photography

Awesome Forced Perspective Photography

awesome forced perspective photography

Forced Perspective Trick Photography

forced perspective trick photography

Sunglasses Illusion Fun Photography

sunglasses illusion fun photography

Forced Perspective Photography in Garden

forced perspective photography in garden

Creative Forced Perspective Photogtraphy

creative forced perspective photogtraphy

Forced Perspective Photography of a Couple

forced perspective photography of couple

Clearing the Water Photography

clearing the water photography

How is the appearance of the images? A few of them have been retouched by the computer though we need not know the intricacies of them because people love them as long as they look good. They will surely dig your brain in a few seconds. They are images with the prospect well-turned.

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