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How to Create a Photography Gift Certificate [5+ Templates]

Cherished moments become memories of great importance. These memories are ephemeral at most times but it is possible to extend their duration by way of storing them in photos. So, wouldn’t it be the sweetest thing ever if photos come in bulk for a lesser price or for free? A gift certificate for photos will definitely be a treat.

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5 Steps to Make a Photography Gift Certificate

Step 1: Decide the gift certificate’s shape and size

Gift certificates come in many sizes, but they’re usually in a rectangular or a square shape. Consider the size that would be able to contain the brief info it shares. Everything must be legible and in order for the blank gift certificate to be easily recognized as it is.

Step 2: List up all the prospective contents of the gift certificate

There must only be a number of things written within the gift certificate. This is why listing them all down can help in aiding detection of which comes as a piece of necessary information and/or not to avoid unnecessary pile-ups of details. Gift certificates don’t need to look complex or too wordy.

Step 3: Use minimal and appropriate graphics or photos

Over usage of visual arts tend to drain the real purpose of the gift certificate’s existence. Simplicity and clarity must be the focus in choosing what to use. As this is a gift certificate intended to be relative to photography, using photos of great quality is the best approach.

Step 4: Pick the standard text types

The contents must be easily taken into understanding. There is no point in using aesthetics in texts as of this time as it contributes nothing to the ease of relaying written info. The classic, professional, and readable types of texts work magically in some things considered common.

Step 5: Make use of text colors that won’t be shaded by the background or graphics

When focusing on clarity and visibility of contents, be mindful of which colors are usable. Lighter hues will die out on bright pictures but are the most effective against very vivid ones. The dark colors tend to clash but not always. Some would work as long as they are complimentary.

6+ Photography Gift Certificate Templates

1. Free Photography Gift Certificate Template


This is a classic looking photography gift certificate that does not focus on the card’s design but on the contents that really matters to those who acquire it. Nothing flashy and monotone in color but still an effective one for use in promoting and or in simply being the means to a freebie.

2. Photography Gift Certificate Example


This one is particularly a themed photography gift certificate. It is good to be used for events relative to children and their activities. Using only the shades of fresh green supports the whole setup and it is calming to the eyes. The contents are still readable and only minimal in number.

3. Black & White Photography Gift Certificate

A monochromatic gift certificate that features the art of black and white photography in the front part while the back contains the written content all necessary to be in a gift certificate. This one gives just enough space for the information needed to be inputted within respective boxes.

4. Photography Gift Certificate Design

This is another type of themed photography gift certificate. Its sole purpose is to provide discounts on wedding coverage and photo works. Its whole design gives way to featuring the best pre-nuptial or wedding day shots while giving just the right amount of space intended for the other details.

5. Photography Gift Certificate

This is a simple and generic type of gift certificate. It is quick to edit and anything goes with the choices of pictures. This is one of the classic looks for gift certificates. But, still true to this day, nothing beats the classics. The contents are all sorted out well and everything is perfectly balanced.

6. Photographer Gift Certificate Sample

This is a two-part gift certificate that allows editing on both pictures and written details. This one is ideal for any occasion and maintains a good balance in everything. It can feature different photos still in a neat arrangement. The whole layout uses a minimal amount of colors and written content just to give more emphasis on showcasing those pics.

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31+ FREE & Premium Photography Certificate - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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