8+ Best Retro Photography Ideas


Retro photography refers to images that provide an aesthetic or feel from the past. It is a kind of photography that deals with the imitation of the trends that have occurred in the past years. As a photography style, it takes inspiration from trends used in the decades that have already transpired.

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Aside from the items that may usually be photographed to create a retro image, editing also takes a huge part in making a retro photography project successful.

Vintage Retro Photography

vintage retro photography1Source

Retro Cameras Photography

retro cameras photographySource

Retro Art Photography

retro art photographySource

Fashion Retro Photography

fashion retro photographySource

Retro Car Photography

retro car photographySource

The Retro Feel

A retro photograph can only be successful if a photographer has taken into consideration all the elements that are needed to be present in such work. A retro photograph must have the following items and qualities to assure that the retro vibe and feel is being translated to the photograph’s visuals:

  • If  shooting with a person or a group of people, make sure that the trends and fashion during the time that they want to portray are imitated. This does not only refer to the dresses that they wear but also on how they are being styled and dolled up.
  • The attitude and gestures of people differ from time to time. Being able to mimic or copy this can create a huge impact in the success of the final photograph. Make sure to take note of this too.
  • There are items that may remind people about a specific decade or year. Make use of these things as it helps build the retro character.
  • Background should be carefully selected as it affects the overall retro impact of the entire image.
  • Make use of proper editing tools to create the retro feel.

Aside from our retro photography samples, we also have samples of abstract photography ready for download.

Retro Still Life Photography

retro still life photographySource

Retro Wedding Photography

retro wedding photographySource

Retro Grunge Photography

retro grunge photographySource

Retro Beach Photography

retro beach photographySource

A Look at the Past

Since the style of photography used in such images are very distinctive, a retro photograph must relay the message that it was captured for to portray the mood and look of a specific date and time. The treatment of the photos must be able to provide a concrete platform to which it may be looked by viewers and remind them about the experiences that they’ve had in the past may it be about the difference in social attitude or the way things and items are being used and viewed.

Editing Tools and Filters

If the presence of retro-looking items are  not available, the use of editing tools and filters can make up for it. Here are a few tips that you may use when editing a photo for you to get that retro vibe:

  • Adjust layers of editing to assure that retro filters can be fully maximized in the photograph.
  • Adjustments of lighting and shadows can create a big difference in the application of these filters.
  • Adjust the vibrancy of your photo and make sure that it is lower compared to the original vibrancy of common photos.
  • Apply the retro look by using muted palettes of blue, yellow, green and pink.
  • Select a gradient that is applicable for the composition of your image.

Retro photos may be used to copy a date from the past, but modern techniques and new styles of photography can always make it as modern as it should look while still remembering current trends. Aside from our retro photography compilation, we also have grunge photography samples.

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