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Smoke photography is the art of capturing smokes through the use of a camera. It gets images of smokes from different sources, and it shows the movement of smoke which may vary in thickness, shape, and flow. Smoke photography has been very rampant nowadays and that is mainly because of the visual aesthetic that it can provide to the viewer.

Smoke photography can give so much character to a specific photograph and it makes a subject more interesting. Moreover, it in itself is a great subject to be photographed alone. You may view our cool photography ideas and see which of the samples may be used as inspirations in smoke photography.

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Black and White Smoke Photography

black and white smoke photography Source

Smoke Fashion Photography

smoke fashion photography Source

Smoke Still Life Photography

smoke still life photography Source

Smoke Art Photography

smoke art photography Source

Abstract Smoke Photography

abstract smoke photography Source

Awesome Smoke Photography

awesome smoke photography Source

Reminders When Taking Smoke Photographs

Since the subject of this kind or style of photography may sometimes be uncontrollable, here are a few items that one must remember when capturing a smoke photograph:

  • Make sure that there is proper lighting as some smokes may be too thin to be seen especially when there is too much life and there is no contrast being captured by the camera.
  • Select a background that is a bit dark or something that is not too busy so that the smoke will appear in a more solid appearance.
  • The wind is a big factor that can make or break smoke photography. Make sure that you take smoke photographs in a place where it is not that windy so that the smoke may not move so fast and you have the time to take photographs of it.

Smoke Still Life Photography

Smoke photography is also used in some still life captures. It is amazing to see non moving objects and then suddenly comes the element of smoke which breathes life to the entire photograph. Smoke photography provides the perception of movement as the formation of smokes vary and you can see the flow that it goes through.

It is important to take note of the reminders in taking smoke photographs to make sure that you can capture a surreal moment and keep it for as long as the photograph is with you.

Aside from our smoke photography samples, we also have available conceptual photography outputs which you may also download.

Feminine Smoke Photography

feminine smoke photography Source

Smoke Wedding Photography

smoke wedding photography Source

Conceptual Smoke Photography

conceptual smoke photography Source

Smoke Portrait Photography

smoke potrait photography Source

Landscape Smoke Photography

landscape smoke photography Source

Smoke Photography Used in Fashion

Since it evokes emotions, strength and the idea of power, smoke photography is widely used in fashion. The said industry needs new concepts for different advertisements and photo shoots, which is why the use of smoke is very popular as the result that it provides may vary depending on the source of the smoke, the set location, the color of the smoke, and how it is being applied to the entirety of the image.

Uniqueness of Smoke Photography

Smoke photography is very popular nowadays because it has its own aesthetic that is truly appreciated by many, especially if the technique used is truly exceptional and the image is very appealing and powerful. The different characteristics of the smoke being used reflects the different images that it can provide.

Though there are a lot of variations that can be given by smoke photography, it is still known to be a specific kind of photograph that can stand on its own in terms of concept and effective visual effects in photos. Aside from our smoke photograph samples, you may also browse through our still life photography collection.

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