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In photography, the most fun you have is white shooting splashes. You also call that splash photography and they are magical and unpredictable. If you are a photographer and you still haven’t tried it, we suggest you should not delay it further. Splashes can add so much of drama to any picture. It gives you the liberty to be creative though there are rules that one has to follow.

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If we still have not convinced you, we have few splash photography shots which are sure to make you follow the bandwagon.

Water Splash Photography

water splash photographyDownload

These are the kinds of photographs that you can start with if you want to try your hands on splash photography. You do not need many props, just a glass and some water and a prop to create the splashes. You can capture a beautiful shot in simple surroundings and without much effort.

Color Splash Photography

color splash photographyDownload

This kind of shot requires much more focus and better handling of the equipment. One is required with a good technical knowledge of the equipment and the art. It is very technical to capture drops and you might not be able to do it white trying the very first time.

Balloon Splash Photography

balloon splash photographyDownload

For capturing this kind of photography one is required to play a lot of shutter speed and also the timeframe. You certainly need a lot of patience to capture water splashes from bursting the balloon. The shot should be captured exactly at the point when you stuck the needle in the balloon, the timing might be difficult to achieve but certainly not impossible if you have some assistance.

Splash Photography

splash photographyDownload

You can create splashes with props like food and fruits and some Bell Peppers of course! It also adds a tint of colors and adds to the brightness and also the playfulness of the shot.

Paint Splash Photography

paint splash photographyDownload

This is a fantastic shot that captures the paint drops beautifully. This is the kind of frame that would have turned up to be something completely different had there been a difference of few seconds. And this is something that can be said for all photographs where you are trying to capture splashes.

Bottle Splash Photography

bottle splash photographyDownload

This kind of photography is much suitable for an advertisement. If you are into product photography this is how you can accentuate the product with the splashes. It can be a great idea for posters and print advertisements.

Milk Splash Photography

milk splash photographyDownload

If you can do it with water and paint you can also do it with some milk. The photographs shows how you can capture milk splash in a perfectly timed frame.

Apple Splash Photography

apple splash photographyDownload

The photographs looks appealing as it has been captured with a close focus. This is another technique that you can try white capturing splash photographs.

Beach Splash Photography

beach splash photographyDownload

Here is a splash from mother nature and if you are a beech enthusiast then make sure you try this during your next visit.

Food Splash Photography

food splash photographyDownload

Droplet Splash Photography

droplet splash photographyDownload

Make sure you work with slow shutter speed and manual setting white working on Splash photography. There are some very interesting ideas given in the photographs and you can always start by trying these ideas first.

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