8+ Spring Photography Templates


Spring is the time of the year where the lush vegetation of a specific part of the earth is becoming visible again. After winter where most plants and flowers cannot be seen, spring provides that fresh air and a scenery of many greens that people truly enjoy. There are many things that can be seen come springtime, especially those that are related to nature and the environment.

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This is the reason why photographers tend to use subjects that are related to spring especially at times where they are at their most abundant. If you want to take spring photographs or any other captures that you are interested at, you may browse through our cool photography ideas and apply them in the next set of images that you are to take.

Spring Flower Photography

spring flower photography2 Download

Spring Still Life Photography

spring still life photographyDownload

Spring Season Photography

spring season photographyDownload

Abstract Spring Photography

abstract spring photographyDownload

Spring Flower Photography

Spring is that season of the year where flowers are seen almost everywhere in the areas of the world that experiences the season. Spring flowers that you may photograph during this seasons are as follows:

  • Heather
  • Freesia
  • Cherry blossom
  • Anemone
  • Birds-of-Paradise

Also, there are flowers that already grow their bulbs during springtime which includes

  • crocus,
  • hyacinths,
  • crested iris,
  • tulips, and
  • aconite.

If you want to photograph these flowers, waiting for springtime is the best thing to do. However, we also have samples of flower photography if you want to see sample photographs of flowers that grow during different seasons and other tropical places with varying weather conditions.

Spring Season and Landscape Photography

The environment also has changed from being covered with snow to a place that can support life again through its temperature and vegetation. You may take photographs of the following during spring:

  • The flower fields that are filled with blooms
  • The trees that are already starting to regain their lives
  • The natural environment during spring with the plants already growing
  • Different landscapes that are at their most beautiful during spring

Creative Spring Photography

creative spring photographyDownload

Rainy Spring Photography

rainy spring photographyDownload

Nature Spring Photography

nature spring photographyDownload

Abstract and Macro Spring Photography

Spring is also the time of the year to look more closely to nature and observe different natural patterns that may be seen when you look more intricately to the details of plants, trees, and the earth. A few items that you may photograph regarding this items are as follows:

  • The details of the leaves of specific plants and trees
  • The raindrops which you may give focus on through the application of macrophotography
  • The different colored stones that appear after snow has covered it for a duration of time
  • The twigs and the details of different tree barks and branches

Creative Spring Photography

Moreover, there are many creative photographs that you can capture during springtime. A few of these are as follows:

  • The sun and how it reflects the vegetation
  • A creative shot that involves a person in a spring landscape
  • The interaction of animals during springtime
  • creative shots of flowers and plants may it be in their natural environment or a spring themed set up

There are truly many inspirations that a photographer may take during springtime for his or her photographs. It is wonderful to see nature be alive again and for the temperature to be applicable for walking outside the homes of people while hearing birds chirp again. It all depends to the photographer in which he or she is to give his or her focus. Other than our downloadable spring photography samples, you may also download and use our nature photography templates.

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