18+ Still Life Photography Examples


A still life is a work of art presenting inanimate objects like food, flowers, plants, or even man-made objects. It shows how we can artistically capture objects that don’t move. These objects are usually a part of our everyday lives. They are found inside our houses or on our porches the minute we step out to explore the great outdoors.Still life photography makes you appreciate the beautiful things surrounding you. The following are great examples of still life in photography:

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Giada Laiso Still Life Photography

giada laiso still life photographySource

The imagery of this photo is stunning. This is a still photo but you’ll love how some of the apples are suspended in the air. This is part of Giada Laiso’s ‘Paintings’ series.

Butterfly in Bubble Photography

butterfly in bubble photographySource

This photo appropriately titled ‘Butterfly in Bubble’ is from Dragon Papillon Photography. The water bubble in this picture shows an inverted reflection of a butterfly. This is surely a magical picture.

Note Book Still Life Photography

note book still life photographySource

People who get excited in writing on blank new pages will love this picture. It shows a blank notebook with light pages and a red ribbon that will serve as a bookmark.

Kitchen Still Life Photography

kitchen still life photographySource

This photo looks like the onions are animatedly talking to each other. It’s one of those photos that you can make a story out of. The title of this photo is ‘Yes, Mum…’

Cool Still Life Photography

cool still life photographySource

This is a photo of a cardboard android holding something that looks like a torch. It’s like he’s brining light in a place of darkness. It is inspiring, that’s what we like about it.

Still Life at Maojiabu

still life at maojiabuSource

You have to take a second look at this picture to see that the “women” are just actually statues riding a boat together. The artist took this shot under a lovely sunset sky.

Pomegranate Still Life Photography

pomegranate still life photographySource

This still life shows a pomegranate fruit on a plate with a knife beside it. The primary colors are red and orange. We also like how bright and vibrant this photo looks.

Kat Bramans Life Photogrphy

kat bramans life life photogrphySource

The title of this photo by Kat Braman’s ‘Still Life, Interrupted.’ This is probably because the photo was originally supposed to be just rocks but a little child decided to be a part of it.

Mimo Khair Photography

mimo khair photographySource

This photo is from Mimo Khair. Although this photo seems a little lonely, we like the lighting in this picture. It helps with the overall theme and perfectly depicts a man’s journey.

Freez Fram HighLight Photography

freez fram highlight photographySource

Beauty of Still Photography

beauty of still photographySource

Beach Walk Photography

beach walk photographySource

Mustard Photography

mustard photographySource

Beautiful Still Life Photography

beautiful still life photographySource

Dressing Food Photography

dressing food photographySource

Beach Still Life on Vlieland

beach still life on vlielandSource

Strawberries Still Life Photography

strawberries still life photographySource

Scissor Still Life Photography

scissor still life photographySource

Physalis Alkekengi Dried Fruit Photography

physalis alkekengi dried fruit photographySource

Just like the saying ‘a picture shows a thousand words,’ still life photographs capture images with specific messages inside them. There are emerging trends in still life photography today. All we can say is that we enjoy looking at these pictures that are just getting better and better with time. You can also see Portrait Photography.

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