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21+ Great Examples of Tilt Shift Photography

People think that tilt-shift photography is an expensive hobby. But that is an erroneous assumption. You can even start with very little equipment and can gradually upgrade your cavalcade. To become a professional tilt-shift photographer, you need to make sure that your lenses do not spend more time on your cupboard (don’t keep them idle). Also, it’s better to manipulate the images on the computer, rather than doing so in your camera. Below are some visual suggestions. You can call them ideas as well.

Skyline Photography with Tilt-shift

skyline photography with tilt shift

Here the massive city of Tokyo looks like a miniature set filled with tiny figurines. Though many Skyline photographs have come after this which are its lookalike, if you prefer originals, go for this.

Electric Locomotive Tilt Shift Photography

electric locomotive tilt shift photography

Fun with cameras. Look how the details evolve. This technique makes Electric Locomotive Railcraft come to life. A little toy model with a blurred effect. Of course, the world loves original.

House Construction Tilt Photography

house construction tilt photography

Here the construction site has been filmed by tilt-shot technique. A cute scene from an animation point of view. Tilt-shift is a magical tool. But it requires special lenses. Give the old and lifeless paintings some real zazz.

Tilt Shift Photography of Barcelona Harbor

tilt shift photography of barcelona harbor

It looks like an electric circuit board. Scream for that tilt-shift lens now. It’s all about how you use camera movements on small and medium format cameras. For that, you don’t need a background in photography.

Interesting Tilt Photography

interesting tilt photogrsphy

When reality looks like handcrafted models. The world’s most elaborate diorama with an exquisite framing and a beautiful presentation. Get used to that funky function called tilt-shift. All you need is a good viewpoint high up.

Aerial View Tilt Shift Photography

aerial view tilt shift photography

With tilt-shift photography you can successfully transform cities into beautiful miniature worlds. Here there is another dollhouse and if you have an obsession for small things, get this one now. A perfect example for City Landscape Photography.

Tilt Shift of Urban View During Daytime

tilt shift of urban view during daytime

Yes. Tilt-Shift photography is more to that toy model town maker. See here. If your medium is Commercial photography, you have no strong reason to ignore it.

Citizens on Road Beside Sea

citizens on road beside sea

What makes skyline looks even greater? Probably a tilt-shift photography trickery. Here a bay area was shot with the help of time lapsing and tilt-shot. An addition to focused manipulation.

Photography At Early Morning

photography at early morning

Teach yourself about tilt-shot. Have you ever thought of trying it. If not, here is your take. A simple fantasy world with less details. It is best viewed in full-screen.

Boats Aerial View Tilt-shift

boats aerial view tilt shift

Play around with your camera with some serious intentions now. Because this is something you really need to try. Shift some blur, contrast, and other manipulations way above your pay grade.

Tilt Shift of Road

tilt shift of road

Passenger Transport Photography

passenger tranport photography

Photography of Car Parking

photography of cars parking

Cityscape by Night With Tilt Shift Lens

cityscape by night with tilt shift lens

Tilt Shift Blurred Photography

tilt shift blurred photography

Central Mexico Tilt Shift Photography

central mexico photography

Tilt Shift Photography by Jacques Saade

tilt shift photography by jacques saade

Aerial View Tilt Photography

aerial view tilt photography

Bangkok Transport Tilt Shift

bangkok transport tilt shift

Tilt Shift Photography Aerial View

tilt shift photography aerial view

Miniature Tilt Shift Photography

miniature tilt shift photography

Many people think that Tilt-shift is all about post-processing with various plugins that add blur, distortion, and color enhancements. But it’s a misnomer. Above is a useful tutorial for fun and surprising effects. Landscapes and architectural shots are most likely to be shot using tilt-shot photography. These images require precision and certain other effects.

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