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Photographers have different ways of portraying their subjects’ emotions and reflecting the message that they want to relay in a photograph. There are a lot of styles and techniques that may be used in creating a photograph more interesting and appealing to the eyes of the people who are looking at it.

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Vintage photography is an example of the styles that photographers use in creating drama and exuding more emotions in a photograph. It is mostly done to make a specific photography come to life.

Modern Vintage Photography

modern vintage photographyDownload

Wedding Vintage Photography

wedding vintage photographyDownload

Black and White Vintage Photography

black and white vintage photographyDownload

Vintage Retro Photography

vintage retro photographyDownload

Vintage Photography

Vintage photography, more than the style that is being used to day, actually is a real kind of photography that existed many years back. It is done by using film cameras and the vintage photograph is the result of the first print that a photographer develops from the film.

In many ways, it is truly interesting to know that photography has existed for so many years that people are able to document its humble beginnings and compare it to the waves the the photography industry has been making now. There are a lot of modern techniques and ways on presenting a photograph, but going back to its old aesthetic is never a bad idea.

Vintage Photography in the Modern Days

Since there are only a few cameras available in the market that still uses film, digital cameras can take photographs of different subjects and just use post processing techniques and processes to create a vintage photograph. There are many ways on how a capture can actually look vintage and it all depends on the combination of the photographer and the idea of the subject.

Vintage photography tries to recreate the overall look of old photos in this modern day. It helps people see prints that can remind them  of a specific time period or era. A generation or a decade that has already passed can be mimicked through the use of this kind of photography style.

Aside from our vintage photography ideas, you may also take a look at our abstract photography samples which are all downloadable and printable.

Vintage Fashion Photography

vintage fashion photographyDownload

Vintage Art Photography

vintage art photographyDownload

Contemporary Vintage Photography

contemporary vintage photographyDownload

Artistic Vintage Photography

artistic vintage photography

Props and Set Design

Though editing can do a lot in terms of making a photograph look vintage, props and set design can create a huge impact in a vintage photography session. There are a lot of things that can be associated with vintage like pearls, accessories used in the time frame to be portrayed, clothes worn on a specific era, and even the kind of make-up and cosmetics that people wear and use during those days.

The Use of Vintage Photography

Though there are already a lot of modern photography styles to choose from, many people still want to have their photographs have a vintage feel. Here are a few samples on how a vintage photograph may be used:

  • Pre-nuptials and weddings may have a vintage theme. Hence, the need for vintage photography is very much needed to fully complete the vintage feel in the captures of the event which will then serve both as a souvenir and as a memory.
  • The fashion industry always has the tendency to look back for inspiration. Vintage photography is needed to achieve a specific photography brief needed by either a magazine or an advertisement.

Other than vintage photography samples, you may also download our samples on retro photography.

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