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A portfolio is used by people to showcase the best of their works no matter what field of expertise they are from. It is very important to have a comprehensive portfolio as it is the document being shown to prospective clients which will give them the idea of the kind of work that a person can provide.

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Portfolios are used in almost all the professional fields. This is very useful especially in the application process as you can already provide samples of your deliverable even before you do your work functions for a company. More than what is within a portfolio, a portfolio cover design is also essential in the overall presentation of someone’s portfolio. Other than ur portfolio cover designs, you may also download our Book Cover Designs.

Portfolio Book Cover Design

portfolio book cover designDownload

Portfolio CD Cover Design

portfolio cd cover designDownload

Architectural Portfolio Cover Design

architectural portfolio cover designDownload

Fashion Portfolio Cover Design

fashion portfolio cover designDownload

Professional Portfolio Cover Design

professional portfolio cover designDownload

Portfolio Book Cover Design

There are people who have already done a numerous amount of work which is the reason why their portfolio can already be regarded as a book. In deciding the portfolio book cover design, here are a few items that you may consider:

  • Since there are already a lot of works that you have done and you may present to your clients, you can use your best work as the cover design of your portfolio book. This will only apply to people whose field of expertise are in the visuals as too much text in the cover design may divert the attention of the viewers.
  • You can also use the work that represents your entire aesthetic. This way, the client will already have an idea of the kind of works that they can see inside your portfolio book.
  • The portfolio book cover design may also be personal if you are to use an icon or an image that represents you as a person or the item that has made you known by people in the industry.

Portfolio CD Cover Design

Since we are already living in the digital age, a CD may also be used to contain the portfolio of a person. A portfolio CD cover design must include the following:

  • The title of the portfolio
  • The name of the owner of the portfolio
  • The collective description of the items that can be seen in the portfolio
  • The cover design that can identify the CD from other CDs

Other than our portfolio cover design samples, you may also download our Sci – Fi Book Cover Designs.

Portfolio Magazine Cover Design

portfolio magazine cover designDownload

Photography Portfolio Cover Design

photography portfolio cover designDownload

InDesign Interior Cover Design

in design interior cover designDownload

Product Portfolio Cover Design

product portfolio cover designDownload

Product Portfolio Cover Design

A product portfolio is used by companies to display the products that they have offered and is still being offered to the common public. It is a documentation of the product growth of the company and the improvements that have been done in terms of the quality and overall look of the product offerings of the specific business. A product portfolio cover design can be any of the following:

  • It can showcase the best product that the company have ever made.
  • It can be the product that is mostly associated with the company or business.
  • It can be a collection of the famous products of the company or the products that made the company known by the market.
  • It can be the logo of the business styled in a manner that it pass as a product portfolio cover.

It is truly important to consider the design of the portfolio cover as it is the first point that the clients are to look at when you have presented your portfolio to them. Other than our portfolio cover design samples and templates, you may also be interested to browse through our Magazine Cover Designs.

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