9+ Best Art Deco Posters


Overtly expressing a combination of modernism, luxury, and sophistication, Art Deco has been continually seated at the top among the world’s finest art styles. Art Deco is a short name for Arts Décoratifs, which originated in France back before World War I. This art style defied the traditional means of making art, and its artist utilized vibrant colors and complex figures to produce unique outputs.

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With its refreshing and captivating features, Art Deco became very influential. Since its origin, the popularity of Art Deco has risen, and it has been made as an inspiration for paintings, graphic arts, poster templates, and even building designs.

Vintage Art Deco Poster

vintage art deco posterDownload

Vehicles Art Deco Poster

vehicles art deco posterDownload

Art Deco Advertising Poster

art deco advertising posterDownload

How It All Started

Art Deco is a combination of various artistic styles from different cultures. Pioneering artists did not want to stick to any philosophy when creating their pieces, so they managed to combine a few. To know better, here are a few of Art Deco’s foundations:

  • Cubism. Art Deco was influenced by the geometric figures emphasized in Cubism.
  • Constructivism. This entails detailed three-dimensional art involving machines.
  • Futurism. This showed the dynamism of science and technology, including science fiction elements.
  • Fauvism. This focuses on the usage on bright colors used to contrast with one another.
  • Egyptian art. Aztec and decorative designs in Egyptian art are also used in Art Deco.

Distinct Features of Art Deco

After relaying its underlying philosophies, it is no wonder how Art Deco captured the attention of modern-day artists with its diversified design. With this, it can be applied in a multitude of fields.

A mix of dimensional figures and powerful muted, neutral colors could be great with vintage posters. Art Deco’s affinity to complex angles and lines is perfect for designing unique buildings and illustrations. You can even boost your multimedia popularity with bright-colored futuristic outputs in your movie posters.

Art Deco Fashion Poster

art deco fashion posterDownload

Art Deco Wedding Poster

art deco wedding posterDownload

Art Deco Beach Poster

art deco beach posterDownload

Art Deco Party Poster

art deco party posterDownload

Modern Art Deco Poster

modern art deco posterDownload

Art Deco Cocktail Poster

art deco cocktail posterDownload

A Perfect Match

Art Deco can be used to express many themes. If you opt to choose one, then you can browse any of the templates in this article. We offer various Art Deco designs that will look perfect when used in conjunction with posters. Besides its easy-to-download feature, you can choose among Art Deco travel designs, advertising posters, and even Art Deco wedding poster designs from our great collection.

Every template guarantees high quality, along with rich colors. With these top Art Deco posters templates, you would surely appreciate and be inspired by Art Deco’s striking and quirky characteristics.

Captivating in Today’s Art

Generally known to be dynamic, Art Deco continues to evolve and adapt more complex and equally interesting art styles. Hence, it would be highly unlikely for Art Deco to be phased out just like other art styles. In fact, Art Deco is deemed timeless since it allows artists to connect past, present, and future in a single artwork. Some artists also like to honor the past with this art style, while others use it to imagine the future.

Art Deco, in its unending development, is expected to tap in to other fields of art. This has resulted to its growing influence on typography posters, media arts, and even performance arts.

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