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Posters exist to promote your venture and give meaningful details about it. Medical posters need to be detailed in the fact that they provide insightful information about your medical practice. If you are holding a medical conference, posters are important for the same because they are not only informative but also promotive. If you are making a medical poster it is important that you keep certain things in mind, because medical posters are not supposed to be casual in nature. Make your medical posters informative, promotional, and approachable.

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5 Steps to Write a Medical Poster

Step 1: Calming Colors

When writing medical poster it is important that you use calming colors, as opposed to colors that are too bright and outspoken. Calming colors create a sense of security around the poster. Being a medical venture it is important that you promote calmness in your advertisements. Calming colors such as pastel shades can be used.

Step 2: Specializations

Being a medical venture or practice, you are supposed to have certain specializations in certain fields, now you have to make sure to mention the specializations in your medical poster. This will ensure that people who want to seek a certain specialization come to your practice, this will also assure that there are no confusions and the people who seek you, seek your specialization.

Step 3: Detail Oriented

When writing a poster about medical practice, you cannot skip on mentioning the details. If you don’t mention the details, your poster will be severely incomplete. Mentioning details such as your contact number and address will not only help potential patients to find you better, but it will also help them clear doubts by calling you or making appointments. Mentioning details makes the patient’s life and your life a little bit more convenient.

Step 4: Minimal Design

Going hand in hand with calming colors, it is important that you make sure that your medical poster has minimal designing. This will ensure that potential patients focus on the details rather than getting overwhelmed or carried away by the excessive design. Focus on a design that clearly reflects that your practice focuses on medicine so as to draw out the focused demographic.

Step 5: Mention Your Practice’s Name

Last but not least, don’t forget to mention your practice’s name at the very top of the poster. It is crucial that you don’t forget it, otherwise, it will be confusing for people, seeing as they won’t know which practice they are looking for exactly. If you miss out on placing your name on the medical poster, the whole idea of promoting your practice will be futile and won’t bear any rewards.

14+ Medical Poster Templates

1. Medical Convention Poster Template

medical convention poster template

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  • MS Word

Size: US


If you are planning on hosting a medical convention, this medical poster template is the answer to your search. The poster template is utterly simplistic and efficient in nature. There is space provided for you to mention the details of the convention. The poster template is premium and is easily customizable.

2. Free Medical Poster Template

free medical poster template1
File Format
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Size: A3


The use of two shades of the color blue, makes the template look calming and approachable. This medical poster template is very detail oriented and the motive of the poster is apparent in the message it’s trying to give out. The sample poster template is free to download and is easily customizable to suit your liking.

3. Medical Clinic Poster Example

medical clinic poster exampleDownload

Wanting to promote your medical clinic? This medical poster template is your best answer. This poster uses light colors like blue and white, so as to not burden the eye with overwhelming colors. The clinic flyer template is premium to use and is easily customizable to suit your clinic’s values and style.

4. A4 Plastic Surgery Poster Template

a4 plastic surgery poster templateDownload

This medical poster template focuses on a specific specialization. If your practice focuses on plastic surgery, trauma or cosmetic, this template is great to use. The medical flyer template clearly shows that your practice does and stands for. The template is minimal design and has ample space for you to be detail oriented.

5. Sample Medical Poster Template Sample

sample medical poster template sampleDownload

This collection of medical poster templates contains three templates for you to use. All three of the templates are what you should expect from a medical poster. They are informative and have a minimal design. All three poster design templates come in a layered PSD format, so you can customize them to the utmost degree.

6. Simple Medical Doctor Poster Template

simple medical doctor poster templateDownload

If you are wanting to promote your practice specifically to the public by only mentioning your individual specializations, this medical poster template will give you the best use. The template, having little design, lets you focus and mention details on the poster. The flyer template is premium.

7. Professional Plastic Surgery Poster Template

professional plastic surgery poster templateDownload

Being specific to a certain medical skill, this medical poster template is quite elaborate when it comes to promoting and advertising a plastic surgery clinic. If you are looking for a template like that, this poster template is for you. The template is premium and is easily customizable to your liking.

8. Creative Dental Clinic Poster Template

creative dental clinic poster templateDownload

This medical poster template focuses its entire self on dental medical practice. Practicing dentistry or running a dental clinic, this template is perfect to advertise the same to the public. The modern dental care flyer template is efficient and incredibly detail oriented. The template is premium and is customizable.

9. Downloadable Hospital Poster Template

downloadable hospital poster templateDownload

If you are running a bigger operation, a hospital, rather than just having a smaller clinic, this template is great to promote the venture. The hospital poster template gets straight to the point and is easy to interpret as a medical poster. The template is premium and is easily customizable to suit your liking.

10. Standard Health Care Poster Template

standard health care poster templateDownload

The very fact that this medical poster template is so specific to a medical practice is what makes it desirable to get. There is ample space for you to inculcate facts about your practice, ensuring that no one misses out on them. The healthcare flyer template is premium and comes in a PSD file, making it customizable.

11. Professional Medical Posters Pack

professional medical posters packDownload

This medical template pack contains eight templates that are to be used for medical purposes. One template is dedicated to a medical poster. The primary colors used here are red and white, the poster being very efficient. The poster template pack is premium and is easily customizable.

12. Basic Hospital Poster Example

basic hospital poster exampleDownload

Specifically made for a hospital, this medical poster template is simplistic and detailed in nature. Using the traditional tones of red, blue and white, this template is perfect if you don’t want your poster to be over complicated. The hospital flyer template is premium to use and comes in a PSD file, making it customizable.

13. Modern Healthcare Clinic Poster Template

modern healthcare clinic poster templateDownload

It might be that you are running the smaller operation of a healthcare clinic, if so, you will get great usage out of this medical poster template. The template uses a few pictures and has a classic design that does not overshadow the information. The poster template is premium and is customisable.

14. Colorful Health Care Posters

colorful health care postersDownload

This medical poster template pack comes with a total of three poster templates, so, you can choose and use whichever poster you like. All the posters use the same minimalist design and detail orientation. The sample flyer template package is premium and is available in a PSD file, making it customizable.

15. Reusable Dental Clinic Posters Pack

reusable dental clinic posters packDownload

This dental clinic template package contains a total of eight templates that might be used a dental practice. Among these eight templates, a poster file is also included. The ideal clinic flyer template is informative and efficient in nature. The template package is premium and is customizable.

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