11+ Campaign Poster Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

Campaign posters are used for the purpose of promoting a series of campaign design to achieve a social or political goal. These posters are designed for political campaign, advertising campaign, social awareness campaign etc. They are design with an objective of creating an impact and the concept has a huge to play. If you are to design a campaign poster and looking for some inspiration, we have a collection of campaign posters carefully compiled by our professional team. We have also included some templates to help you provide with a basic layout and structure.

Election Campaign Posters



If you want to make your campaign poster less chaotic keep it text centric. Keep the design to minimal and focus more on the text and typography. You can take your inspiration from the given poster.

Presidential Campaign Poster Template



The campaign poster is inspired from 2012 election of the United States. The template has interesting design, illustration and typography. You can replace the text and image easily via the customize option provided in the website.

Student Election Campaign Poster



A good election campaign poster is very important during college and university elections. If you are a student, running for university election, you can take inspiration from the given poster to create a election poster design.

Political Campaign Poster



This political campaign poster is simple but effective. You can create the poster design in no time and without having to spend of the design and designer. The quality of the poster and the design is premium and you will not regret your choice.

Free Campaign Poster



This given poster campaign design was used by Finnish human rights & transgender organization TRANSFORCES for their campaign in 2015. For the poster they used real people instead of illustrations. The idea can be very effective, especially if you are creating a poster for human rights related campaign.

Green Awareness Campaign Poster



As very much evident from the image, you can see that the template is suitable for environmental campaign. The template is highly scalable and editable. You can replace the text and images easily and go ahead with the printing.

Service Campaign Poster



The Volunteering poster by NYC service is a perfect example of minimalistic campaign poster. It was designed in 4 different colors and looks pleasing in all the available colors. The minimal design done in the poster with white is main highlight and makes the poster engaging.

Government Election Campaign Poster



Another election campaign poster template to help you create an amazing campaign poster. This template comes with 3 design and color variation and all the variations are fully editable. It is available in A4 and A3 poster format. The template can be done with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and later versions.

Anti Smoking Campaign Poster



When creating a campaign poster for something like anti-smoking awareness, designer has to make sure it is effective otherwise the campaign fails. The given poster looks simple but has been creatively designed in terms of concept.

Custom Campaign Poster Template



Wellness Campaign Poster



Patriot Campaign Poster



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