6+ Best Catering Poster Templates


Let the world be informed about all your catering services with a catering poster. It allows a big room for your marketing information with a neon-against-black-design. Catering or food promotion posters are an efficient technique to showcase your catering services and to catch anyone’s attention. You just need to collect your materials in order to get start your catering business.

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6 Steps to Create a Catering Poster

Do you want to create a catering poster but don’t have any idea about the process that is required to create the food or catering poster. Catering posters are used to show the food items and related services to the clients. Some of the catering posters are also used to show various special food items for special days. Here are the easy steps that can help you to create a simple catering poster.

Step 1: Choose a Background Color

As the first step, you need to choose a background color in order to enhance the presentation and design of your poster but not overpower your clip art images or information as it is not a good deal for it. Color choice depends on the type of catering services offered by you. You can also choose colors for Vintage posters. Pick an effective color for an eye-catching poster.

Step 2: Add a Title

The title of the poster should be clear to the clients in order to give them a better idea about the purpose of your poster. In this way, you have to use layer blue Jombo letters on the top and add the name with Jumbo letters in pink for a drop shadow effect. Tilt the name slightly after moving it to the left-hand side.

Step 3: Add Catering

In the third step, it is required to add catering services and items in an impressive way. Your presentation should be very effective in order to get the attention of your clients. At the centre of the tri-fold, you need to add catering and use layer random color quick letter and pink quick letters on the top for a drop shadow effect.

Step 4: Add Required Images

You can add images based on the occasions it makes a good impact on the mindset of your customers and helps them to get your services. Include the images you want to use on your tri-fold. If required then resize the images for a pleasing layout. Use different color foam letters in order to add your wording as titles.

Step 5: Add Text Box

Add a text box to include your message in it. With blue borders add an empty text box to the upper right of the tri-fold. Add your words within this text box as a title with numbers, letters and black vinyl.

Step 6: Add Shapes

Add some creative elements or blue burst shapes to your poster. Resize the shapes and for a drop shadow effect add a pink burst layered on the top. Include the required words on the burst with black vinyl letters as a title. Use neon arrow shapes to showcase every marketing strategy. Additionally, include a blue burst shape to the lower right in order to add wording with red form letters as a title.

6+ Best Catering Poster Templates

Making a catering poster is an amazing idea as it can provide all the required information regarding your catering services to your clients easily and in an effective way. The catering poster chosen by you should be designed in a way to fulfil the purpose of it. With the help of poster template in various file formats, you can easily create a letter that gives good growth to your catering business.

2. Simple Catering Poster Template

simple catering poster Download

Catering templates posters have various varieties and designs. You can design a poster template even for with an individual element in the image. Choosing an easy template poster is also an effective strategy to get the attention of the customers.

3. Elegant Catering Service Poster Template

elegent catering service poster Download

A catering business can be very profitable and lucrative in offering different types of meals for various occasions. Elegant catering service poster templates are also beneficial and effective with regards to event poster templates. You can design them according to the occasion or type of event in order to make your poster more impressive.

4. Modern Catering Poster Template

modern catering poster template Download

Such types of templates are used to demonstrate the modern catering service in a modern way. While designing a modern catering poster template it is necessary to keep the design and pattern of modern catering trends. Craft your poster in an impressive way to catch the attention of customers.

5. Basic Catering Service Poster

basic catering service posters Download

Basic catering poster template used to advertise your catering service in a regular and simple way. It is used to showcase some of the food items, prices and contact details. All these elements should be placed with a good color combination and shadow effects.

6. Wholesale & Catering Poster Template

wholesale catering poster Download

Wholesale catering posters should be designed in a way to describe the prices of items and other details of the food items and services you offer if a client needs it in wholesale. It is also the best way to show the food items which are in raw form. You can present the items, delivery features, cost in an understandable and impressive way.

7. Catering Packages Poster

catering packags poster Download

Catering packages poster templates are used for showing the catering packages for various events such as birthday parties, meetings, picnics and other types of events. These posters are helpful for caterers who offer dishes based on the type of event. Make an interactive and professional poster template to impress your customers.

Use any of the catering poster templates if you are involved in providing food services for parties, events or special days. Go with the catering poster template of your choice and create in a professional, pleasing and lucrative way to get more profit and attention from your customers.

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