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Events are occasions that require the participation of all kinds of people. It hardly does an event any justice to not have anyone attending it. So, what’s the best way of getting people to attend what you’re hosting for a certain event, you ask? Why, by making sure that they’re well-informed, of course. One good way of spreading the information of an event is through a poster.

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Posters will help you spread to a great number of people that there’s a certain even nearing by you. If you’d like to use posters to help you get the knowledge across, then you’ve come to the right place. This list contains 33+ free event posters that can help you garner more people for the upcoming events.You may also see Poster Templates.

Graduation Ceremony Poster Template

graduation ceremony poster template
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Speaking of posters, check out these invitation wanted posters to help you get a more Western feel of inviting people over for an event.

Event Planning Posters

Conference Event Planning Poster

event conference planning posterDownload

Event Concert Planning Poster

event concert planning poster1Download

Food Event Planning Poster

food event planning posterDownload

Event Advertising Posters

Event Magazine Advertising Poster

event magazine advertising poster1Download

Event Program Advertising Poster

event program advertising posterDownload

Charity Event Posters

Charity Boxing Event Poster

charity boxing event poster1Download

Corporate Charity Event Poster

corporate charity event posterDownload

Charity Donation Event Poster

charity donation event poster1Download

DJ Event Posters

DJ Party Event Poster

dj party event posterDownload

Vintage DJ Event Poster

vintage dj event posterDownload

Electro DJ Event Poster

electro dj event poster1Download

Gala Event Posters

Gala Dinner Event Poster

gala dinner event poster1Download

Types of Poster Events

There are so many posters on this list that you can use to advertise any kind of event to a great number of people passing by. Depending on what event it is that you are hosting, you can choose a specific type of poster that can help you in those regards. This list contains almost any kind of poster that you can think of, and they are editable.

Here are what you can use these posters for:

  • Birthday Parties – A person’s special day only comes once a year. It should only be normal to be surrounded by friends and family to help the birthday celebrant feel alive and appreciated on their special day. It doesn’t happen often after all. Posters are a great way of advertising someone’s birthday party as it is an event that you’d like people to know about.
  • Office Parties – Working isn’t always a fun endeavor for everyone. Not many people like their jobs out there. Sometimes employers like to hold an office party to take the workload off their employees’ backs and allow them a fun and memorable time to help them relax and become more productive. Post these all over office territory and employees are sure to catch on and prepare for a fun experience.
  • DJ Parties – You’d be surprised how many people like going to DJs and hearing their music. It’s a fun place to just have fun and feel excited. It will hardly be an event if there are barely any people around. How can you fix this, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Just announce the event through posters and people will sure be coming to your DJ party.
  • Contests – People like to be competitive every now and then. Whether it’s a singing contest, dancing contest, or any kind of talent contest for show, be sure to inform people that you are hosting this event for all to see. After all, how can it be an event if people aren’t even going to sign up for the contest because they didn’t know it existed. Make sure to tell them what the contest is for and what they’re going to need on the poster itself.
  • Weddings – The moment two are joined in holy matrimony is an act of God and should be witnessed by friends and family. You can help spread the news of someone’s marriage using posters as well. Just post this around the workplace so that fellow employees will know that somebody is getting married. You can also place this around town to let folks know that these two are going to be newly weds soon. Another great way to invite people over for a wedding is through the use of wedding invitation cards.
  • Fundraising Events – In order to raise a big enough fund for certain projects, having many people around can be a huge help in order to do so. Having a crowd gather around will increase funding earned through the event. Help people know more about the event by plastering posters telling them that there’s going to be a fundraiser all around.
  • Graduation Parties – When students finish their course, it can be quite fulfilling and can give a great sense of accomplishment. After all, all those years of studying probably wasn’t a cakewalk. Throw them a party to congratulate them on a job well done. You can use these posters to help spread the message to the students that there’s going to be a party in their favor.
  • Holiday Parties – Holidays only come around once in a while. They’re a special time to be able to bond together and just have fund and celebrate the occasion. Make sure that people know that there’s going to be a party for the upcoming holiday by posting these wallpapers all around the hallways. Depending on what the occasion is, you can even choose the style of what you want the holiday poster for.
  • Club Events – Clubs can be a great way for people to socialize. Clubs have different kinds of events, depending on what the club is for and what the occasion is. Posters can help deliver the message to fellow club members that there’s going to be an event going on soon so that they can prepare.
  • Musical Events – People love music, that’s a well-known fact. There’s just something about a get-together that revolves around just listening to tunes of whatever kind just makes it feel like a very special bonding experience. It’s definitely unlike the others in many ways. You can help invite others over with the use of posters. Make sure to tell your attending guests what kind of musical party they’re heading into.
  • Festivals – Festivals usually attract a large crowd. The gathering can be a fun time for friends and family to enjoy together. If you’re helping host a festival for whatever the occasion may be, you can invite others to the festival by posting posters all over town. Even if many already knows about the event, these posters can help make the occasion feel more authentic.

With this many posters on this list, you’re bound to find something you can use to help you spread the news to the people all around. If you’d like to see more posters that you can use, then check out these motivational posters for a more inspirational poster design you can place on your room or on hallways for all to see.

Special Event Posters

Special Birthday Event Poster

special birthday event posterDownload

Special Wedding Event Poster

special wedding event posterDownload

College Event Posters

College Technology Event Poster

college techonology event posterDownload

College Fundraising Event Poster

college fundraising event posterDownload

College Graduation Event Poster

college graduation event posterDownload

Dance Event Poster

Dance Competetion Event Poster

dance competetion event poster2Download

Dance Show Event Poster

dance show event posterDownload

Dance Team Event Poster

dance team event poster1Download

School Event Posters

Back to School Event Poster

back to school event posterDownload

Fashion Event Posters

Fashion Cocktail Event Poster

fashion cocktail event posterDownload

Fashion Marketing Event Poster

fashion marketing event posterDownload

Show the World, Spread the Word

Posters can help spread the news out to so many people out there. Passersby can stop to look at the information displayed on the poster to help them become informed about the event. This will help you attract more people for your event, and as they say, “The more, the merrier.” It’s hardly any justice to celebrate events alone.

No matter what kind of event that is going to come up in the nearby future, these posters will help you deliver the message. They are also quite easily customizable and therefore can be very convenient no matter what the occasion is.

Where to Place Posters

Posters were made to be seen. There can be a few strategic points where you can place posters to help more people know. This can be a very important thing to consider. The location of where you place your posters at can be dependant on the upcoming event at hand.

  • Hallways – These can be the perfect places for posters. Hallways are usually the preferred choices by many on where to place their posters at. After all, many passersby come along and the more people that pass along who see your poster, the greater the number of the people that will attend your event. Posters placed on the hallways are best for school parties, office parties, or graduation parties. These posters are usually noticed by students of a school or workers of an office.
  • Outdoor Walls – Placing posters outside are usually reserved for larger events. Festivals or events that involve a contest of some kind are usually placed outdoors for all to see. This can help those who are hosting gain the biggest number of people they can get for the event. This is great for businesses such as night clubs.
  • Message Boards – Posters placed on message boards are more reserved for a specific number. Posters placed of message boards aren’t designed to attract just anybody and can be used to inform those relevant to the event that is coming around. Such posters that are placed on message boards are for club events, musical events, or other events that are for a specific set of groups.

So, you see? Depending on what poster you are placing around, you have to consider where to place it accordingly. It all depends on the amount of people you want to attend your event. Speaking of which, there are more ways to invite people over other than just the use of posters, try using event invitations to give out to specific people rather than advertising to a huge group.

Holiday Event Posters

Holiday Sales  Event Poster

holiday sales event posterDownload

Event Promotion Posters

Sports Event Promotion Poster

sports event promotion posterDownload

Social Media Event Promotion Poster

social media event promotion posterDownload

Business Event Promotion Poster

business event promotion posterDownload

Golf Event Posters

Golf Tournament Event Poster

golf tournament event poster2Download

Annual Golf Event Poster

annual golf event poster1Download

Music Event Posters

Music Festival Event Poster

music festival event poster1Download

Classic Music Event Poster

classic music event posterDownload

Club Event Posters

Night Club Event Poster

night club event posterDownload

Printable Club Event Poster

printable club event posterDownload

Free Club Event Poster

free club event posterDownload

Making Eye-Catching Posters

As much as great and convenient these posters are for you, it isn’t quite as simple as picking a poster that looks about the closest to the event your hosting and placing them all around for people to see. You need to make your poster catch the eye of the people who pass by it. You have to make it stylish, in other words.

There are ways to make your poster more stylish.

  • Design – You can add designs to your poster to make it look more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It’s best to have a poster that turns heads as a bland and plain poster will most likely by uninteresting and people will disregard it as nothing more than a piece of paper plastered unto the wall. If you want people to look at your posters, you need to give it some design.
  • Theme – It’s an important thing to consider when making a poster. Depending on the event, you can pick a theme that will be relevant to the occasion that is coming along in the nearby future. For example, it’s nearing Christmas and you want to announce that you’re holding a party for the holiday, you can choose to pick a snowy theme filled with snowflake and other Christmas related designs to help make the poster feel more relevant for the occasion.
  • Content – It’s important to consider what you’re putting in the content for all to see. You need to make sure that you provide the right information so that your guests in attendance won’t get confused or lost. There’s actually quite a lot of posters out there that don’t provide adequate information. Make sure to input the the date the event is going to be held, what time it’s going to start on that day, and what time it might end so that people can know and make arrangements for their own time so that they won’t be inconvenienced.

So, what do you think? Hopefully this list helped give you a much deeper insight in regards to the use of posters. Speaking of which, if you’d like to know more ways about inviting people over for events, event invitations is also a great way to do this. Except with invitations, it’s more targeted for specific people than those passing by.

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