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Graduation Posters

Posters are printed materials which are intended to address and inform specific groups regarding a subject. A poster can either be posted inside institutions and organizations or outside to be seen by the public if the goal is to reach a larger number of crowd.

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Basically, posters which are posted inside educational institutions are aimed to inform and guide the students and the staff especially if there are events such as graduation ceremonies and school activities. In order to make a graduation poster, a template can be used by the designer for him to create the poster with ease and with a shorter period of time.

Elements of a Graduation Poster Template

Anyone can make a graduation poster and anyone can make a template. However, when choosing to create a template or to use a poster templates for a graduation-related event, the following elements should be considered in order to make an eye-catching output.

  • Decipherable typefaces

    Even if the targeted readers for graduation posters are people who can read, it is still important that the typefaces or the font styles in the poster template can be understood easily and be read within a far distance. Basic typefaces can benefit both the designer and the audience or the reader since the information to be incorporated into the poster, as well as the placeholders will be clarified.

  • Has layers of focus

    Poster templates must have the same look and feel to the other items coordinating with it such as the graduation program to be provided to the attendees.

  • Coordinating layout

    Make sure you always include who is responsible for conducting the internal audits in your procedure. Try not to put a specific name as you will have to review the document every time there is a change in the position. It is much better to put a job title so that you do not have to worry about any updates in the future. This section should also lay out what exactly they are responsible for.

  • Catchy and relevant designs

    A graduation poster template should have designs which are related to the graduation event, and must be able to catch the attention of the audience even in just one look. Common designs to include in this type of template are graduation caps, rolled diplomas, and even the logo of the educational institution where the event will be held.

Graduation Ceremony Design Poster Template

File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Pages


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How to Make a Make a Great Graduation Poster Template (5 steps)

To make a basic yet effective graduation poster template, the steps below should be followed and accomplished:

  • 1. Choose a format to use

    There are several formats available online when that one can choose for his poster. Some of the known formats include “.PSD” and “.AI” which are both for photo editing and graphical manipulation of illustrations and images. These formats allow the creation of template which can be used for future purposes as long as it will be saved in the same format after it is used.

  • 2. Open a new sheet for the template

    The sheet must be opened using the corresponding software application of the chosen format. For instance, if the template is to be made in “.PSD” format, then the Adobe Photoshop application should be used and opened, while if the “.AI” format is chosen, then the Adobe Illustrator application is the required application to be used for creating the template. In addition, when opening a new empty sheet, the size of the template or the canvas must be specified along with its other attributes such as the quality of the printing and the color mode to be used.

  • 3. Create layers

    Regardless of the software application which is used, layers must always be created in order to achieve a well-organized template, as well as to help identify sections for future usage and updates. The layers can also be placed into several groups for easier and a more organized layering format.

  • 4. Add the designs and placeholder texts

    Since it is a template to be made, the texts can be random or example texts which will allow the viewer to know what to put into it when he uses the template. However, the design should suggest what colors, themes, and coordinating patterns which are best to be used to maintain the personality of the template.

  • 5. Save the template in a format which can be edited in the future:

    The template must be able to be changed and edited after it is saved. This means that it must not be saved into a file extension which is for finalized outputs such as in “.PNG” and in “.JPG”.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Graduation Poster

Anyone can make a graduation poster and anyone can make a template. However, when choosing to create a template or to use a poster templates for a graduation-related event, the following elements should be considered in order to make an eye-catching output.

  • Consider contract, size, and lighting

    When making graduation posters, one must ensure that the texts and other elements of the poster will have contrasting colors in order for it to be read effectively. The size of the poster and its texts, images, and designs must also coordinate and will relay which is the focus of the poster. Additionally, the lighting should also be kept in mind especially if the poster is to be placed outdoors. For this, the poster’s content and design must visible with any type of lighting to retain its purpose of informing the targeted audience fully.

  • Use huge images and space

    Images are effective for relaying a message since the target of placing posters for events is to attract the visuals of the passersby and the audience. With this, images and illustrations which will have an impact and will add to the poster’s uniqueness must be chosen along with the ample usage of white space to integrate a focal point, and to avoid too much clutter in the design.

  • Add a call to action

    A call to action is often placed after the details of the graduation event and are intended for informing the audience of what must be done in order to join and participate in the event. Call to action statements can include the contact numbers of the staff or people who are assigned to gather the interested participants and to inform them further about the graduation ceremony program or the rest of the event.

Types of Graduation Poster Templates

The different varieties of graduation poster templates are as follows:

  • Graduation Banquet Poster Template

    This template is suitable to be used for graduation celebrations where a banquet or a buffet will be held for the graduating class. The template will indicate the title of the banquet event along with the date and venue of where it will be held.

  • Graduation Exhibition Poster Template Example

    There are educational institutions who conduct graduation exhibition programs prior to the day of the commencement exercises. The exhibition will showcase the works and accomplishments of the graduating class and in order to inform the rest of the population about the program, a graduation exhibition poster template should be filled in with the details of the event as well as the names of the people who will be part of the exhibition.

  • Graduation Poster Template

    This is the appropriate template to use for the purpose of a graduation announcement with the details of the graduation ceremony. The poster template contains designs which are inlined with the ceremony such as a silhouette of a student with a graduation cap along with the general information of the graduation program.

  • Graduation Week Poster Design Template

    Some schools and universities prefer to have a whole week of celebration for their students who will be accepting their graduation certificates and awards on graduation day. This is when a graduation week poster design template becomes useful. It will state the list of events that the students and faculty members will expect throughout the week.

Graduation Poster Template Sizes

Graduation poster template sizes can range from 22 x 28 inches up to 24 x 36 inches depending on how far the poster will be posted from the views of the audience and how the preferred size for advertising and informing people about the event. Posters can also be smaller than the aforementioned sizes if it is intended to be placed at an eye-level view for the targeted audience or readers.

Graduation Poster Template FAQ’s

What are the different types of posters?

There are eight common types of posters. Each poster type is characterized based on its purpose and intent towards the audience or the readers. The first type of poster is specifically for advertising purposes which are often used for introducing brands and their products to consumers. The second type is known as an informative poster which is only to be made and used if the intent is to inform and provide awareness to its readers. The third type is the subject poster which is for tackling a subject that specific groups of people are interested in. Affirmation posters are the fourth type which are the ones that contain quotes, verses, and slogans which will motivate the readers. Lastly, posters which contain political views and opinions are known as propaganda posters.

Why make a graduation poster?

Graduation posters are not only creative items to be displayed in lieu of the upcoming event but these also provide various benefits to the designer, the organization or the institution, and the readers. One benefit of making and using a graduation poster is that it is a tool for communicating and engaging with the readers or the targetted participants of the event.

Another benefit is that it allows the participants to know the details of the event as well as acquire the contact information of the people whom they can inquire and clarify pieces of information with. Planning and executing any kind of event is not easy which is why using the right type of graduation poster template is important since it not only provides a guide for the designer but it also shortens the time in making the posters associated with the graduation event or occasion.

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