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A job wanted poster is used by a company to attract possible applicants to an open position that they are offering. Job posters differ depending on the nature of the company and the job that should be filled in. There are many ways that a company can create a job wanted poster so that they can get the appropriate candidate that can match up the qualifications of the job position.

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We can provide you with samples of different job wanted posters so you can have references in creating a job wanted poster suitable for your company’s use. We also have downloadable Wanted Poster Templates, which you may be interested to browse through.

Free Wanted Poster Template

free wanted poster template

Vintage Job Wanted Poster

vintage job wanted posterDownload

Job Posting Wanted Poster

job posting wanted poster1Download

Overseas Job Wanted Poster

overseas job wanted posterDownload

Job Wanted Advertising Poster

job wanted advertising poster1Download

Seasonal Job Wanted Poster

seasonal job wanted posterDownload

Formal Job Wanted Posters

There are companies that use formal job wanted posters especially if the job position is associated with business transactions, corporate works, and a position that needs to exude professionalism. A formal job wanted poster is characterized by the following:

  • The design used in the poster is minimal and is mostly the same with the designs that can be found in other documents of the company.
  • The job wanted poster uses a professional language and the items that are included in the poster are direct to what the company needs and the qualifications that are needed to be met by applicants to be considered for an interview.

Short-Messaged Job Wanted Posters

There are job posters that do not fully clarify everything about the job. All the information that can be found in this kind of job wanted poster are as follows:

  • The statement that there is a hiring process open for applicants
  • The name of the company looking for a prospective employee
  • The job position being offered
  • The contact information that the interested applicants may call

Sometimes, this kind of job wanted poster may work as it provides more curiosity to the people who might see it. However, there would also be times when it will just make people lose their interest because they are not aware of the offerings of the job and a few details about its requirements.

Other than our job wanted poster samples, you may also be interested to download our templates of Vintage Posters.

Blank Job Wanted Poster

blank job wanted posterDownload

Simple Job Wanted Poster Template

simple job wanted poster templateDownload

Printable Job Wanted Poster

printable job wanted posterDownload

Help Job Wanted Poster

help job wanted posterDownload

Themed Job Wanted Posters

For a job wanted poster to be more interesting, a job wanted poster may have a particular theme which may be as follows:

  • It can be based on the holiday being celebrated or an event which will happen at the same dates of the hiring processes.
  • Cartoons and other characters may be used so that people can associate the job to the characteristics of these entities.
  • It can use icons that are somehow related to the company or the job functions of the employee who will be hired.

Guidelines in Creating a Job Wanted Poster

In creating a job wanted poster, here are a few items that you need to remember:

  • Always make sure that the information needed to be known by the people who are interested to apply for the job will not be outshined by the designs included in the job wanted poster.
  • Create a job wanted poster design that is aligned with the design aesthetic of the company.
  • Assure that the sizes of the medium where the job wanted poster will be printed is considered as there are design items that look its best in a particular size.

Aside from our job wanted poster samples and templates, you may also be interested to browse through our Blank Wanted Posters.

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