9+ Poster Designs

Have an event to announce? Posters are a great way of calling your audience’s attention for an upcoming event, whether open to public or by invitation. Attract your party guests or draw a huge crowd for your concert with these poster templates which are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Designing your own poster is made easy with poster templates because you only need to change the text, replace existing images, or add new images to it. No need to be a graphic design expert with our professional and whimsical poster templates below that is sure to excite your guests.

These templates are available to download for free or license them for a nominal fee. The templates we offer here come in PSD, Vector AI, and EPS formats, which means you could edit them to suit your preferences or incorporate two or more templates into one.

Movie Poster Design

Movie Poster Design


Birthday Poster Design

Birthday Poster Design


Vintage Poster Design

Vintage Poster Design


Sports Poster Design

Sports Poster Design


Holiday Poster Design

Holiday Poster Design


What’s the Word with Typography Posters?

A great way to enrich an online viewer’s experience is through typography posters. Typography posters inform the public about an event at just one glance. It also sparks an emotion upon reading it. It is a beautiful tool that compels viewers to learn more about the event or topic and give the right impression about it.

Typography posters are viral across social media sites; they include elements, which will be discussed in latter sections.

Significant Quotes

The purpose of typography posters is not just to inform but to ultimately inspire an individual to be better, and adding quotes whether random or popular is a must.


Simple but powerful, icons present symbols that will help the reader understand and dig deep into the message of the poster.

Shapes and Patterns

Shapes and patterns probably make 30 percent of the typography poster. They come in different colors, that match the background and add depth to the design.


Sketches whether human, animal or tall buildings and structures add a cartoon-like effect to your posters. They’re great for telling one-of-a-kind stories.


A typography poster would be nothing without filters. Most of the templates include warm to strong filters for food, fashion, nature and portrait-style posters.

Party Poster Design

Party Poster Design


Modern Poster Design

Modern Poster Design


Music Poster Design

Music Poster Design


Valentine’s Day Poster Design

Wedding Poster Design


Event Poster Design

Event Poster Design


Posters for All

Choose from our range of retro, contemporary, and classic poster designs with templates that serve a specific theme. Our templates are perfect for (but not limited to) the following themes:

  • Movie night. Showing a great flick at your very own mini theater? Whatever movie your showing, movie posters can definitely help you spread the word about your awesome movie screening.
  • Birthday celebrations. Need a personalized birthday poster to give out to your friends? Use are minimalist birthday poster template and include some of your friends or family members’ well wishes for your birthday.
  • Vintage-inspired themes. Planning a retro-themed party? Add an eighties touch to your event with our cool vintage poster templates.
  • Sports. Calling out football fans? Having a varsity reunion perhaps? The sports poster template would be great for you.
  • Holiday to remember. Nothing beats the holiday rush than a merry holiday poster template that has all the enticing elements you can think of.
  • Party like a star. Want to spread the energy and good vibes with your party? Make it a party of the century with the party poster templates.
  • Modern magic. Dazzle your guests with stunning contemporary patterns and rich colors with our modern poster template.
  • Music mania. Want to gather dozens of musically inclined audience? Pick a music genre and get started on announcing your event with the music poster template.
  • Valentine’s Day. Valentines celebration? Make February 14 a day for your guests to remember with our valentine poster template.

These poster templates make event announcements so much easier and faster compared to making posters from scratch.


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