11+ Printable Wanted Posters


Posters are a fun little way to brighten up the room or the party. What is more fun than using posters during your next big blowout celebration with your face on it? If you are looking for a good prop to print out for a themed get-together, then we have a list of printable wanted posters for some Wild West or a movie-themed party!

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If you plan on customizing your own wanted poster, we have just the thing you are searching for! Take a look at our collection of our wanted posters and Blank Wanted Posters that we offer on our website.

Free Wanted Poster Template

free wanted poster template

Funny Kids Wanted Poster Template in Psd

funny kids wanted poster template in psd

Printable Pirate Wanted Poster

printable pirate wanted posterDownload

Printable Harry Potter Wanted Poster

printable harry potter wanted posterDownload

Printable Cowboy Wanted Poster

printable cowboy wanted posterDownload

Free Printable Wanted Poster

free printable wanted posterDownload

Printable Tangled Wanted Poster

printable tangled wanted posterDownload

What Is a Poster?

Posters are pieces of printed paper that are designed to be attached to a wall or any vertical surface. Posters usually include both text and graphic elements. Some may contain only texts or graphic visuals. Posters are designed catch the eyes of audiences and to inform them as well. Posters basically have a lot of purposes and can be used in many different ways.

Why Do I Need to Print One?

Posters can bring life to a party, especially if themed posters. The posters that we offer here on this article are great for parties that have an outlaw or Wild West theme. Imagine going to a friend’s party and having to see his/her face on a wanted poster on the venue. It surely does add a creative twist to the event.

You can even use posters for a theme that follows a certain movie such as Harry Potter as shown here. Harry Potter was wanted in the movie because he was the protagonist and certain events have occurred for him to be hunted by the public.

Looking for poster samples that are even funnier? Check out our Funny Wanted Posters that we offer on our website. They are sure to tickle your ribs!

Printable Most Wanted Poster

printable most wanted posterDownload

Printable Wanted Poster Template for Kids

printable wanted poster template for kidsDownload

Printable Flynn Rider Wanted Poster

printable flynn rider wanted posterDownload

Classic Printable Wanted Poster

classic printable wanted posterDownload

Vintage Printable Wanted Poster

vintage printable wanted posterDownload

Which to Poster Should I Choose?

  • Printable Pirate Wanted Poster. These are for pirate-themed parties. Just stick your photo on the poster and post it on your pirate celebration! It will sure give your guests entertainment from seeing your face on a wanted poster. It will be as if you were an actually pirate.
  • Printable Harry Potter Wanted Poster. In the movie, Harry Potter was being hunted down by ominous forces that are trying to destroy everything. If you are hosting a Harry Potter–themed event then this poster is perfect. Fans who will be attending will spring up with joy seeing a prop from their favorite movie!
  • Printable Cowboy Wanted Poster. This poster is great for Wild West parties. It adds a certain cowboy-outlaw twist to your event. There are even details on the poster for everyone to see and to be informed as well.
  • Free Printable Wanted Poster. This is great if you are looking for free printable posters for a Western-themed event. They are perfect as props and they add extra life to the theme.
  • Printable Tangled Wanted Poster. Great for events that are themed after the movie Tangled. This poster follows Flynn Rider’s wanted poster from the movie.

Now that you are more familiarized with the posters given, you can check out more of our Wanted Poster Templates that we offer on our website.

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