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St. Patrick’s Day Poster

It’s almost that time of the year when people feast, drink and wear green clothes. Although historians see today’s St. Patrick’s Day as something that has become too modernized or liberated, the fact that it brings together people is what matters. Check out our collection of poster templates below to get started.

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How to Make a St. Patrick’s Day Poster (5 Steps)

  • Step 1: Research how others have done their St. Patrick’s Day posters

    When we say research, this means you only need to gather data on how others have done it and what information they included on their posters. Again, just gather data from their posters but never copy it. It’s always a good idea to have something serve as inspiration for your poster design.

  • Step 2: Download and edit a St. Patrick’s Day poster template

    After gathering the needed data, you can then proceed to the gallery below and download a St. Patrick’s day poster template. These templates are actually from various sources and they also come in multiple file formats, one of which are poster templates in PSD.

  • Step 3: Add the needed content and elements

    During the editing phase, you will need to make modifications to the design in order to make it original. This involves adding more elements or removing irrelevant ones, you may even be allowed to simply rearrange the ones that come with the template or change the color scheme.

  • Step 4: Print copies of your St. Patrick’s Day poster

    Unless you have a printing machine that’s capable of producing large posters, you may need to bring your poster design to a printing company. While they usually don’t charge much to get your posters printed, it’s definitely better to order by bulk in order to get discounts.

  • Step 5: Conduct a test run and evaluate the results

    After getting your poster design printed, you may have it evaluated or you can also conduct a test run in places with high foot traffic. During this test, observe how people would react to your poster and make evaluations from your observations. These evaluations may or may not tell you to have your poster redesigned.

1. St Patrick’s Music Night Poster Sample


You have definitely found the right place when looking for downloadable templates to make your event posters. Judging by the one above, you can assure yourself that all the other templates below are just as impressive and editable.

2. Rustic St Patrick’s Day Poster Format Template


Seeing green beer during St. Patrick’s Day is actually very common and this can be done by simply adding a drop of green food coloring to the beer, that’s it. As stated on the poster template above, you don’t necessarily have to be an Irishman to be able to enjoy the occasion, you just need to have the spirit of being lucky.

3. Feeling Lucky St Patricks Poster Example

One of Clint Eastwood’s most iconic dialogues includes the “Do I feel lucky?” line from the movie Dirty Harry. From simply looking at the four-leaf clover image on the poster template above, are you feeling lucky? If you are, which we already know, go ahead and start downloading this awesome poster template now.

4. Emblem Style St Patrick’s Day Design Poster

If you’re planning to bring in DJs to perform in your St. Patty’s day event, don’t be shy about mentioning them on your poster because they can greatly help in drawing in a crowd. If you’re looking for a similar type of poster but more generic, you may check out our DJ concert poster template instead.

6. Portrait Saint Patrick’s Day Creative Poster

In the Irish folklore, a leprechaun is defined as a type of fairy who enjoys making shoes and doing mischievous acts. Also, leprechauns are said to have a pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. If that information fascinated you, then be more mesmerized by the simple yet stunning poster template above.

7. Printable Irish Bar St Patrick’s Day Poster

According to folklore, you may be able to get the pot of gold from the leprechaun by (1) sneaking up on him while he’s busy making shoes, (2) capture him, and (3) wish for him to take you to his pot of gold. Sounds impossible? Save yourself the trouble and just download this poster template instead.

9. Basic Lucky St Patrick’s Day Poster Download

If you want something that’s rustic but still appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, check out the artistic poster template above. To describe the design, it basically shows a silhouette of the leprechaun’s side portrait. The negative space of the silhouette is then used for writing some of the details surrounding the event.

10. St Patrick’s Luckiest Event Poster Layout

The act of persuasion is important when gathering an audience, you will need to give them an idea on what to expect without giving away too much. While the template above shows a very modern design, you might actually be looking for a vintage poster template instead.

The last St. Patrick’s Day poster template on this list is something that’s minimal yet still very effective in conveying a message. Aside from the text, this template only contains a single image of a three-leaf clover—also known as a shamrock—which symbolizes love, faith, and hope.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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