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Travel Poster

People love to travel, and they should every so often since it can actually help them to recover psychologically from all the stressors that they encounter in their day to day lives. The only problem is that people are more concerned about the expenses, which leads them to think twice about traveling.

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And that’s when travel businesses come to save the day since they make traveling more affordable and easy to book. But just like any other businesses, they will need to promote it in a rather creative way. Thankfully, we have various travel poster templates that can be downloaded and used for that purpose.

Elements of a Good Travel Poster

  • Heading and title

    This is/are the elements that introduce the audience with what you are trying to say, and as much as possible, you need to make these elements highly prominent. With these elements, passersby can already gain a few relevant information regarding your message even if they are five or ten feet away.

  • Main content

    This is the most important element for every poster since it provides the reader with everything that they should know about your message. For travel posters, your goal is to encourage the reader to enjoy traveling, and your message should be all about the benefits of traveling frequently or how they can travel without having to spend too much. Anything that’s related to getting the reader engaged should be found in this element, so keep your reader in mind when making this.

  • Fine Print

    This element contains a few additional information that may still be relevant, but are not entirely important for the reader. Of course, this element should always support the main content of the travel poster.

  • Graphics

    This element comprises of images, illustrations, patterns, and color gradients that are applied to the design in order to make it more appealing. The graphics may either be found on the backdrop of the layout, or it may also be part of the foreground features.

Travel Agency Poster Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Printable Travel Agency Poster Template

File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Pages


Free Travel Agency Poster Template

File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Free Sample Tour Poster Template

File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Retro Vintage Travel Poster Example

File FormatPSD
  • Illustrator


Paradise Travel Advertising Poster Design

File Format
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • Pages


Vintage Style Travel Poster Template


Artistic Cruise Travel Poster Sample


Travel Poster Example


Vintage Travel Poster


Simple Travel Poster Template


Illustrated Travel Poster Format


How to Create a Travel Poster (8 Steps)

  • Step 1: Determine your audience

    Know who you’re designing your posters too, which is something that every person should do when designing posters. The reason behind this is because different groups of people have their own preferences, and in this case, you should narrow down your target audience to those who love to travel.

  • Step 2: Write your message

    This refers to the message that you want to send across to your audience. When writing the message, it is best to write a draft first in order to modify it easily. Also, try to keep your message short and as easy to understand as possible.

  • Step 3: Define your budget

    Save yourself a lot of time by defining your budget early in the process. With a set budget, you can determine the type of tools that you can get your hands on, as well as how many posters you can print.

  • Step 4: Download a template

    A template can be found all over the internet, and they are very helpful in getting the task halfway done. Because of this, we highly recommend that you download a poster template in order for you to get the job done in the least amount of time possible while also saving yourself from all the stress.

  • Step 5: Gather images

    You may either download stock images from the internet, or you may also use some of your own photos, regardless of which, use high-resolution ones. If you prefer downloading them, be sure to use those (and only those) stock images that aren’t watermarked.

  • Step 6: Edit your template

    After downloading the necessary template and images, start editing the template in order to create a poster design that’s appropriate to promote or advertise traveling.

  • Step 7: Proofread the content

    In all advertisement tools, it is highly important to make it absolutely free from any errors in order to make your tool and the entity behind it credible. A single error on the content will most likely lead to a negative impression.

  • Step 8: Print it out

    If there’s nothing more that can be done on the design, then it would be best to have it publish or printed out in order for you to start posting them.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Travel Poster Layout

  • Use color to help give energy to the poster, as well as make it worth looking at.
  • Play around with typography, but make sure not to use more than three types of fonts. If your message is trying to convey something that’s serious, you might probably want to use sans serif. But if you’re conveying a more playful message, then try using serif or script.
  • Follow the visual hierarchy of content, don’t just arrange the elements according to how you think might look good.
  • Use white or negative space in order for the audience to distinguish one element from another, as well as to help make the layout appear more organized.
  • If during the editing phase, you notice some of the elements that come with the template are unnecessary, just get rid of them instead of stressing out in trying to make it fit in.
  • Use geometric shapes in order to lead the audience’s eyes where they should be.
  • Keep your layout balanced, it is very important that there is symmetry in the weight of graphical elements and in the use of colors in order to create visual balance.
  • Make sure that all graphical elements compliment each other on the layout because regardless of the number of elements used if they fail to flow together, your layout will still look chaotic.

Types of Posters

  • Product Poster

    This type of poster is the most widely-used one among business since it is mainly used to showcase the products and services that are being offered by them.

  • Affirmation Poster

    Also known as a motivational poster, and they are meant to uplift the mood of the reader with its content. While they contain both graphical and textual elements, the focus of this type of poster is its message, which is something that encourages or comforting.

  • Propaganda Poster

    This type of poster was widely used during World War I and II, and were designed mainly to recruit people into joining the army. The present-day propaganda posters are leaned more towards being political and are commonly used by politicians or to spread awareness about something that’s related to politics.

  • Event Poster

    The name already speaks for itself, this type of poster is meant to promote an event. But with regards to events, that is an entirely generalized term to refer to something, which is why this type of poster has its own sub-categories, the sports-related and the music-related.

  • Educational Poster

    This type of poster is primarily used in education or learning facilities, whether these are schools, universities, or review centers. Education posters can be used as both a research tool an instructional tool.

  • Pin-Up Poster

    Also known for its shorter name “pin-ups”, this type of poster contains an image of a beautiful woman—sometimes, a group of women—wearing a sexy outfit and posing seductively.

  • Band Poster

    While pin-ups were designed with a male audience in mind, this type of poster was designed for a female audience. However, guys enjoy putting up posters of their favorite bands just as much as the girls.

  • Movie Poster

    And lastly, the type of poster that is meant to promote or advertise a film. Back then, movie posters were commonly illustrated by hand, and this was mainly due to the limitation in technology. Nowadays, while the hand-drawn movie posters are still a thing, most movie posters are designed on the computer.

Sizes of Posters

  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 8.5 x 24 inches
  • 11 x 17 inches
  • 11 x 36 inches
  • 18 x 24 inches
  • 19 x 27 inches
  • 22 x 28 inches
  • 23 x 33 inches
  • 24 x 36 inches
  • 27 x 40 inches
  • 40 x 60 inches

FAQs about Travel Posters

What is a poster design?

It is the physical aspect of a poster, the feature that people perceive when they lay their eyes on it. Regardless of the type, the design will almost always consist of both textual and graphical elements

What is a scientific poster?

It is a printed communication tool that is a hybrid between a verbal presentation and a visual aid. Scientific posters are usually given to a group of people, are informal yet interactive, and are limited in time and range of view.

What is an academic poster?

It is a poster that is widely used in the academic community, and usually contains some of the following elements: tables, graphs, pictures, and descriptions. People will never know how wonderful it is to travel if they haven’t done it yet. Fortunately, the poster templates that you have just seen are artistic and inviting enough to really encourage them to do so. Yes, these templates are indeed beautiful, but they are also high quality and fully functional.

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