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A wedding only happens once in a person’s lifetime—ideally. It is a very special event that focuses on the union of two souls. Family, relatives, and friends are all usually invited in this event, and that is why planning is very essential. There are a lot of items in the checklist before a wedding actually materializes.

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One of the things that are included in that checklist is the wedding poster. A wedding poster is usually used as a guide for the guests to know that it is the correct location of the wedding they are at. It can be placed in front of the church or at the reception where the wedding after party is to take place.

For less specific poster designs for other applications, check out our collection of Poster Templates and use them for your endeavors.

Vintage Wedding Poster

vintage wedding poster Download

Chalk Wedding Poster

chalk wedding poster Download

Wedding Invitation Poster

wedding invitation poster Download

 Cartoon Wedding Poster

cartoon wedding poster Download

Printable Wedding Poster

printable wedding poster Download


Designing a Wedding Poster

There is no wrong way to design a wedding poster; however, we believe a wedding poster must consider the following aspects:

  • The theme of the wedding. A wedding poster must be coherent with the theme of the wedding. They should have the same or a few elements used in the entire wedding designing process. It can be the main flower used in the wedding, certain accents like ferns, or anything that has to do with how the entire wedding looks like.
  • The information regarding the wedding. All the details of the wedding must be placed correctly in the wedding poster. You don’t want to get the guests confused in special events like this. These details include the date of the wedding, the place where the wedding and the reception is to occur, the time of the wedding, the name of the newlyweds, and the location of all activities.
  • The colors, textual designs and motif used in the creation of the wedding poster. All the items in a wedding poster must be appropriate, recognizable, readable (for text), and properly executed. A wedding poster usually is the first thing that greets guests upon arrival so it should be able to already impress.
  • The size of the wedding poster. Know that the location where the wedding poster must be placed shall be taken into consideration. A little too big or too small, then a poster will look awkward on where you are supposed to put it.

We have other Wedding Templates that may be of use based on your personal needs.

Funny Wedding Invitaion Poster

funny wedding invitaion poster Download

Wedding Poster Closeup

wedding poster closeup Download

Floral Wedding Poster

floral wedding poster Download

Wedding Movie Poster

wedding movie poster Download

Wedding Poster Illustration

wedding poster illustration Download

Make sure that the wedding poster matches the personality of the couple. It should make the guests see the characteristics of the two and carry the overall theme of the wedding as well. More than to stand out, it should complement other aspects of the wedding.

Moreover, many guests take their photos beside a wedding poster so that they can upload it to social media and tell their friends and followers that they have went to that specific wedding that is in the poster. Hence, it can generate more business transactions for wedding poster makers should their design truly be appealing and well executed.

A wedding poster includes all the major information about the wedding and makes the wedding more special as well by adding a personal touch of welcoming. If you will be wedded soon, make sure to not skip the details of your wedding poster as it can make a lot of difference to the entirety of your wedding day aesthetics.

We have Graphic Design Posters that you may also use for weddings and other purposes available to download from our website.


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