8+ Best Admission Ticket Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

The best key to having access to different events is through the use of tickets. Tickets give events the security they need by letting authorized people enter a specific event. Tickets commonly used today give the public access to different events that may be happening like parties or concerts and access to transportation services like piers and airports.

Here, we share some admission ticket templates being used today to make creative ticket designs. We also share a brief description for some tickets to give you an idea on what these types of templates are commonly used for. You can also check our website if you want more templates to download and use.

Admission Ticket Invitation Template

Admission Ticket Invitation Template


Admission Ticket Template in PSD



Free Admission Ticket Template

Free Admission Ticket Template


Blank Admission Ticket Template

Blank Admission Ticket Template


Printable Admission Ticket Template

Printable Admission Ticket Template



Admission Ticket Template Examples

The main purpose of downloading a ticket template is to help users create and enhance premade ticket designs to use for different purposes. Below are some examples of ticket templates you can use to create your own tickets:

  • Admission Ticket Invitation Template – These types of templates are commonly used for admission tickets for movies or for events. They mainly contain simple borderlines and overlays. These templates let you also change the text and font.
  • Free Admission Ticket Template – These types of templates are also used for admission purposes. These templates commonly enlarge the word Free Admission or Free in the design. This template is also used as coupon ticket designs as well.
  • Blank Admission Ticket Template – You can use this type of ticket if you want to manually create your own text by writing on them. These types of templates commonly have borderlines, which you can alter and create additional overlays to make your ticket more appealing.

You can also download and use different ticket invitation templates from our website. Be sure to check for any downloading restrictions that the author or publisher may have placed on, though. Our website also offers different templates to use for work, for art, and for other purposes.

Event Admission Ticket Template

Event Admission Ticket Template


Circus Admission Ticket Template

Circus Admission Ticket Template


Vintage Admission Ticket Template

Vintage Admission Ticket Template


Carnival Admission Ticket Template

Carnival Admission Ticket Template


Admission Ticket Template Advantages

There are also other advantages an admission ticket template can give you besides providing you with the templates and designs to create your own admission template you can use for different purposes. Other advantages these types of templates can give you also include:

  • Easily printable – We download these templates to help us print designs easily with guidelines and cut-lines to help cut-out tickets for use.
  • Enhance creativity – With premade designs available, you can actually alter these designs by adding your own to make your ticket designs more attractive and have more appeal. This also helps you save time from creating ticket designs from scratch.
  • Work anywhere – You can work from anywhere when you use these templates as they can also be saved as PSD files, which you can use to continue on different devices. Using templates generally will help you finish editing your work much quicker.

Our website can also share with you different printable ticket templates, if you want more templates that can easily be printed out. An advantage for printable templates is that you can also alter the designs from the templates and print them out with ease, which is useful if you’re in a rush.

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