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8+ Analog Clock Templates

Time is gold, as the famous saying goes. We may plan our day by filling out an Hours Schedule Template so we don’t waste any of it. Nothing tells better how much time has passed than a clock. You may be familiar with two types of clock—analog and digital. Analog clocks have a clock face with a dial of twelve hours and two hands. Digital clocks show a numeric representation of time.

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Analog clocks have been around for a long time. They can be in the form of a wall clock you see hanging on your wall or in the form of a watch. In today’s digital age, analog clocks and clocks in general are in danger of getting replaced by cellphones.

Zooper Analog Clock Template


Blank Analog Clock Template


Digital and Analog Clock Template


Free Printable Analog Clock Template


Analog Clock Face Template


Analog versus Digital

There are many types of clocks in the world. The two most familiar, however, are the analog clock and the digital clock. These two forms are also most widely used in watches. You may be thinking which one of the two is better. The thing is, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It all just boils down to personal preferences when deciding which one to choose. When you just need one as an alarm clock, you may need to check out some Cool Alarm Clock Apps.

  • Digital clocks are more accurate. They count the time in exact precision so they are more accurate compared to an analog one. That doesn’t mean analog clock are not accurate though. If it uses high-precision gears and springs, it could be as if not more accurate than some digital clocks.
  • Analog clocks gives us different view of time while digital clocks show just one. With digital clocks, you just see the “now” part. With analog clocks on the other hand you a visual of how much time has passed,  the present, and how much time you still have.
  • You can read digital clocks faster. Of course, just one short look at a digital clock would tell you exactly what time it is. With analog clocks, you still have to “read” time by looking at where the hands are pointed.

Analog Clock with Minutes Template


Analog Clock PSD Template


Flash Analog Clock Template


Hour Analog Clock Template


Uses of Analog Clock Templates

When we were still young, we were taught how to “read” time at school. We learned how many hours there is throughout the day, what the short hand represents, and what the long hand represents. We were also taught of the importance of time. There are clock templates you can find online, and here’s how you can get them to good use:

  • Teach kids how to tell time. There are Printable Clock Templates online that you can print and use in teaching kids. The hands can be fastened to the face of the clock so that it can be moved easily.
  • Create a timeline in PowerPoint. The clock template could be used in your PowerPoint presentation. When the presentation requires a timeline or a time frame diagram, they come in handy.
  • For your business website. The template can be used when you have a business website to tell time. They are also good for your business presentations.

Analog clocks have withstood the test of time, despite the invention of much more modern digital ones. When you need analog clock templates, there are many you can find online. Some of them are even printable so that you can use them to teach or for whatever reasons.

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