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5+ Back-to-School Bookmark Templates

A back-to-school bookmark is a tool that students use to know the pages of the books that they need to read or to continue reading. It can also be placed in different journals and note collections where an important process or input has to be done. The difference of a back-to-school bookmark to normal bookmarks is that they are themed to fit the activity of going back to school.

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If you want to see how back-to-school bookmarks look like and the information that are included in this tool, you may download the samples that we have provided in this article. Moreover, we also have other downloadable Bookmark Design Template samples, which you may use in case you want to have a bookmark but you will not use it for academic readings and purposes.

Welcome Back-to-School Bookmark Template


DIY Back-to-School Bookmark Template


Free Back-to-School Bookmark Template


Printable Back-to-School Bookmark Template


Designs of a Back-to-School Bookmark

A back-to-school bookmark does not need to be boring. There are many ways that a back-to-school bookmark may be designed so that the students will be more inspired to use them. A back-to-school bookmark can have the following designs applicable for its purpose of usage:

  • Students can do a DIY design for their bookmarks. There are a lot of small items that they can put to bedazzle or add glitter to their back-to-school bookmark. They can also put photographs of different items so that the entire back-to-school bookmark will still be flat even if there are already design materials that are placed in it.
  • The design of a back-to-school bookmark can include different icons that are usually related to school and other academic processes. This will allow the student to identify the bookmark that is needed to be used for particular subjects or for specific readings.
  • The logo of the school and its mission, vision, objectives, and institutional goals may also be added to the back-to-school bookmark if it is given by the school to its students.

Other than our samples of back-to-school bookmark templates, you may also browse through our downloadable samples of Photo Bookmark Template and Coloring Bookmark Templates For Kids for additional references.

Back-to-School Bookmark Template for Kids


Back-to-School Glowing Bookmark Template


Inclusions of a Back-to-School Bookmark

A back-to-school bookmark is not only used to give information on the pages that are needed to be read by a student. It can also serve various functions depending on its content. A back-to-school bookmark may be used to relay the following information:

  • It can contain the subjects that the student will attend for a specific duration of time. This will help him or her to allocate one bookmark per subject so that he or she will be multi rounded with the learning activities that he or she needs to do and not just focus on a particular area of study.
  • It can hold the information of the bookmark owner for individuality. The initials or even the entire name of the owner of the bookmark may be placed in the back-to-school bookmark.
  • A back-to-school bookmark may be given by an academic institution to welcome their students in the new academic or school year. There are schools that provide their students with items that serves as a welcoming kit so that the students will feel excited about the school year that is about to start. A back-to-school bookmark is one of these items.

If you want to create your own back-to-school bookmark or any other bookmarks that you want to design, you may use our Blank Bookmark Template samples as the base of your bookmark material.

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