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Bag tags are the tags that are usually seen either attached to the zipper holder or at any loose ends or string of a bag. Sometimes, it may contain just a design for the bag to look better or it can also hold the basic information of the person who owns the bag. The usage of bag tags may vary depending on the purpose why a person bought it in the first place. 

If you want to have an idea on what bag tag is applicable to the design and structure of your bag, you may view our samples of bag tag templates available in this article. Moreover, we can also provide you with samples of Luggage Tag Templates so you may select the tags that you may use for the luggage that you bring when you travel. 

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Sports Bag Tag

sports bag tag Download

School Bag Tags

school bag tag Download

Personalized Bag Tags

personalized bag tag Download

Swimming Bag Tag

swimming bag tags Download

Luggage Bag Tag

luggage bag tag Download

Guidelines in Using Bag Tags

If you will use a bag tag, here are a few items that you must remember:

  • Do not place all your information in the tag as it can be a source for identity theft or it may be used by other people to blame you for a particular incident. Bag tags should only contain your first name or initials for safety and security purposes. There are actually bags who also have a bag tag inside similar to the tag used outside the bag but contain more information about the person. This is used to identify whether the person is the real owner of the bag should a lost bag with a tag be found. 
  • Assess whether the design of the bag tag that you will use complements the color and design of your bag. You do not want your bag tag to be an eyesore, right? There are many designs of bag tags that you may select from, and it all depends on how you want it to give additional design and character to the bag that you already have.

Other than our bag tag samples and templates, you may also be interested to browse through our downloadable samples of Vintage Labels & Tags.

Blank Bag Tag

blank bag tag Download

Funny Bag Tag

funny bag tag Download

Homemade Bag Tags

homemade bag tag Download

Leather Bag Tag

leather bag tag Download

Bagpack Tag

military bag tags Download

Bag Tag Designs

The design of your bag tag can be any of the following:

  • As stated in the sample above, it can include your first name or your initials.
  • It can also have quotations that are related to your personality or those that contain words that you believe in.
  • Bag tags can also be made of leather materials or any other textured fabrics if you are purely into its aesthetic purpose.
  • It can also have different patterns that are seamless and interesting.
  • Characters and other icons may also be placed in a bag tag.
  • Nowadays, digital printing allow bag tags to have actual photos of either the owner or the photographs that he or she have taken.

The key in selecting a bag tag design is for you to match it with your personality and the design aesthetic that you have in different items that you are willing to purchase or have already bought.

There are still many other bag tag design that you may choose from as long as they are useful and they look good together with the bag where you will use it with. Aside from our bag tag samples, you may also download our samples of Price Tag Templates.

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