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A banner is an essential tool being used for marketing purposes as this will help increase the exposure of a certain product or service. There are two types of banners, the physical banner and the soft banners. Physical banners types of banners that are stuck or hung on the walls around some public place or a certain establishment. They can also be referred to as Vinyl Banners. Soft banners, on the other hand, are better known as the web banners. These types of banners are being used for web marketing and are usually placed on different websites or blogs.

Despite the difference of the two, when it comes to its forms, they still both have similarities. Both have been designed on photo-editing software using some of these Graphic Design Illustrations.

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Christmas Banner Illustration

christmas banner illustration Download

Banner Illustration Vector

banner illustration vector Download

Web Banner Illustration

web banner illustration Download

Vintage Banner Illustration

vintage banner illustration Download

How to Edit and Use These Banner Illustration Templates?

For those who are not familiar or just new to graphic designing, we will give you short tips on how to use and edit these templates:

  • Since most of the samples being provided on this list are AI or EPS, we need to download a software that would support vector files. You can search a couple of them online, but make sure you come across with the legit ones. To be safe, just visit their official websites.
  • Now that you have just downloaded your vector editor software, you can now modify those banner templates. It is actually easy to edit these vector files, but for more tutorials about it, you can just check out more online by searching the keywords “Editing Vector.”
  • If you are done tweaking those banner graphic designs, you can actually print them out as these files can be saved or transformed in print-ready format.
  • In saving the files, one must know the exact file format for each types of banner. As for the soft type, you can save it as PNG for better and clearer output. As for the physical type, you can save it through PDF or JPEG.

For another illustration related samples, you might want to check out these Landscape Design Illustrations.

Chalkboard Banner Illustration

chalkboard banner illustration Download

Floral Banner Illustration

floral banner illustration Download

Fashion Banner Illustration

fashion banner illustration Download

Ribbon Banner Illustration

ribbon banner illustration Download

Hand Drawn Banner Illustration

hand drawn banner illustration Download

The Significance of a Banner to Marketing Strategies

As what have been mentioned above, banners can help communicate the objectivity of a certain company or organization and increases the exposure of certain services and products. As it may help get the company or organization some attention, a perfectly designed banner would certainly attract and intrigue customers in to actually purchasing or availing your services and products.

As we all know, the contents of a banner should specify the purpose of a certain product or service through typography and graphic layouts, so it is really vital to organize the layout of the design and make sure that its structure would correlate with the theme and easier to understand by the masses. Because if not, people will more likely not take any interest looking over a badly designed banner as this will leave the impression of poor taste.

All in all, the banner is a powerful tool in improving the company’s sales and expanding the audience of an organization’s message of their causes or plans.

For more cool design illustration samples, you might want to see Pixel Art Illustrations.

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