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9+ Coupon Layout Templates

With all the available products at the tip of our fingers, purchasing them seems so close yet so far. That’s where coupons come in. They are a shoppers best friend. They help consumers in a tight fix to save up and also allow them to buy amounts of groceries that exceed their budget. If you are here to print some coupon’s or to simply learn more about them, then you are in the right place.

41+ FREE COUPON Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

We have collected samples of coupon layout templates for you to download and customize without the hassle! If you are looking for more layout samples, you can check out our HTML5 Layout Templates. We also offer different kinds of layouts on our website.

Free Coupon Layout Template


Coupon Book Layout Design


Printable Coupon Layout Template

Homemade Coupon Layout Design

Gift Coupon Layout Template


What Is a Coupon?

Coupons are vouchers that entitle the holder to a discount for a particular product. It is used as a promotional tool that is either printed or electronic that can be redeemed by the holder for a discount when purchasing goods or services. Coupons are usually made and distributed by manufacturers or retailers to consumers through direct mail, apps, social media, or other marketing means.

A coupon usually features a specific savings amount or other details such as special offers to convince consumers to purchase their products or services from a specific retailer. Coupons have become a good asset for retailers because customers are demanding them now from every retailer. Coupons were originally created as a tool for companies and manufacturers to direct the purchase decision of a customer. An example of this is if you were a manufacturer of shoes, you then create a coupon for your goods to direct your customers to a certain product even if you multiple different shoe lines. Customers love this because they get a discount and the retailer gets reimbursed by the manufacturer when the coupon gets turned in.

For magazine-related templates, you can check out our Magazine Print Layout Templates that we offer on our website.

Coupon Binder Layout Design


Love Coupon Layout Template

Discount Coupon Layout Design

Blank Coupon Layout Template

Valentine’s Day Coupon Layout Design

What to Place on My Coupons?

If you are planning on creating some coupons for your business and retail store marketing, then here are some tips and guidelines for you to know.

  • Expiration date. Expiration dates are very important when giving out coupons because it creates a sense of urgency for the customer. It also helps in protecting your exposure. No one wants a coupon from three years ago. In worst case scenarios, you might have stopped manufacturing that certain item years ago.
  • State limitations appropriately. There’s nothing worse than fine print. Customers don’t like it when there are special conditions in buying a certain product which is on sale. You should also consider placing terms like “May not be combined with any other offer” if you plan on placing that limitation on your coupons. Customer’s tend to “collect” multiple coupons in an offer and use them on an already discounted sale item.
  • Highlight the number. Coupons have to attract customers. The number or offer should be the biggest detail on the coupon. This is what customer’s keep an eye out for.
  • Make sure it is easy for the customers to understand. No strings attached and no hidden details.
  • Make sure all your staff members are notified and ready. No customer wants experience a confused and an unaware employee when they present a coupon.

For more template samples, you can check out our Newspaper Layout Templates that we offer on our website.

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