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The eagle is considered by many as one of the biggest and the most majestic of all species of birds. Many admire the eagle as a living symbol of power and freedom. During the time of the Aztec civilization, the spot where an Eagle would land is the place where a city should be made. Although in today’s generation, the population of eagles are slowly declining, but efforts have been made to help conserve their species.

Illustrations, on the other hand, are visual interpretations or decorations of a concept or a process designed for media publishing such as on posters, flyers, books, or animations. Feel free to check out our website for our selected collection of Graphic Design Illustrations.

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Eagle Head Illustration

eagle head illustration Download

Eagle Feather Illustration

eagle feather illustration1 Download

Eagle Wings Illustration

eagle wings illustration Download

Eagle Mascot Illustration

eagle mascot illustration2 Download

Eagle Vector Illustration

eagle illustration vector Download

Random Facts about Wagles

  • There are sixty species of eagles, nine are found around Central and South America, two (the golden and the bald eagles) are found in North America, and three are in Australia. The rest of the species are scattered all around the globe.
  • Eagles are different from other birds of prey because of their larger size and more powerful build.
  • The bald eagle was put on the endangered list in 1967 as only around 500 pairs were thought to exist during the time. But in 2007, it was removed from the list but is still under protection.
  • The bald eagle is not actually bald—it only has white feathers on its head
  • Male and female eagles of the same species don’t differ much in appearance as the only difference is that the female is slightly larger than the male.
  • Eagles have unique eyes. While humans only see three basic colors, eagles can see up to five colors.
  • The Harpy eagle and the Philippine eagle have wings that spread 2.5 meters across.
  • Most eagles are carnivorous, except for the African vulturine fish eagle, which is primarily vegetarian.

Benefits of Illustrating

  • Illustrating will require a person to use their imagination and therefore stimulate their creativity.
  • Illustrating can help in relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Illustrating can encourage a person to express themselves, including those emotions that are suppressed.
  • Illustrating can enhance a person’s eye and motor coordination.
  • Illustrating can aid children in developing their handwriting.

If you are looking for illustrations exclusively in the vector format, check out our collection of Vector Illustrations.

Bald Eagle Illustration

bald eagle illustration Download

Golden Eagle Illustration

golden eagle illustration Download

Flying Eagle Illustration

flying eagle illustration Download

Soaring Eagle Illustration

soaring eagle illustration Download

Free Eagle Illustration

free eagle illustration Download

Soar and Fly High

Our eagle illustrations can make you think you’re soaring high up in the sky with them—they are just that beautiful. These illustrations were designed by talented and creative graphic artists who have had a lot of experience in making graphic illustrations. You may download any of these illustrations for free.

You may either save these illustrations on your personal computer and set it as your desktop wallpaper, or if you are a web designer, you may also make it as your website’s background image. You can also use these as background images for posters or banners if you are planning on designing one. There are virtually countless possibilities on how you can make use of these illustrations.

We also have a collection of Landscape Design Illustrations for those who enjoy nature and other sceneries. But if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on this page, check out the links below for other related content on our website.

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