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9+ Envelope Cover Templates

Snail mail does not evoke excitement to most people nowadays, unless you know beforehand the content of your envelope or package. Clearly, the focus is on the content and very rarely on the container. But what if you are part of the lovely few who want to put in as much effort on your letter as you do your envelope?

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On this page, we assist you in your envelope-deciding dilemma. We have a variety of Envelope Templates in store for you, with designs that are easy to trace, cut, and fold with quirky and professional designs. Take a look at our envelope templates to see alternatives to premade envelopes.

Envelope Cover Background Template


Cover Template

Colorful Envelope Cover Template


Opened Envelope Cover Template


Envelope Post Cover Template

Why Envelopes are Important

Just to further reinforce why your envelopes deserve a noteworthy design, here are some reasons why they are very important:

  • Envelopes aid in getting your message across. Your envelope not only carries your design, but the information that you are trying to send out as well. Without an envelope, your content runs the risk of getting exposed to environmental factors and could get lost or, worse, could get chucked in the disposal.
  • Your envelopes give out your first impression. Way before your receiver gets to open the envelope and read your message, your envelope can reveal a lot of information in itself. Outstandingly designed envelopes give the assumption that its content is just as important. Our Letter Envelope Templates ensure that it gives out the best impression you would hope for in an envelope, in PDF or printable format.
  • Envelopes shows you are present for your receiver. The envelope entails getting the attention of your receiver. It should imply that you have some important information to share and that the receiver needs to take a few moments of their time to read it and hear you out. If your envelope does not demand its deserving attention, then you have failed in the delivery of your message as well.

Vintage Envelope Cover Template

Resume Envelope Cover Template

Modern Envelope Cover Template

Free Printable Envelope Cover Template


Resignation Letter Envelope Cover Template


Types of Envelopes

There is a whole smorgasbord of options when it comes to envelopes and deciding which one works best for you could be a challenge. We have identified the most common types and will share what each one is for. Read on to decide which type of envelope works for you.

  • The baronial envelopes are formal style envelopes with a large flap and are most commonly used for holiday greeting cards, invitations and special announcements.
  • The commercial envelope are most commonly used for personal correspondence and if you have a logo that you wish to display.
  • A-style envelopes are also best for invitations and for business stationery and delivers high-quality feel. Its flap is typically square and is your best choice if you are sending out promotional materials like company brochures and booklets.
  • The square envelope creates a feel of symmetry and balance with its consistent dimensions. This type comes in the most variety in material and sizes than the other types of envelopes mentioned. The square envelope is best for sending out promotional materials and invitations with unusual sizes and material.

All types of envelopes are represented in our selection, even CD Envelope Templates. Check them out and see the templates we have in store for your CDs.

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