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5+ Floral Invitation Banners – PSD

Flowers are one of nature’s wonderful elements. They give beauty, color, and fragrance to the world we live in. In line with this, floral designs are favorites among artists. These are the kinds of designs that make you appreciate and acknowledge the abundance of nature. They are definitely a perfect design for any invitation card.

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To save you from the hassles of searching for beautiful flower design templates, you can download our templates made for your benefit. They are perfect designs that will save your precious time. Feel free to check out and download our templates. Moreover, we also have Printable Banner Templates that you can also access and download.

Wedding Floral Invitation Banner


Baby Shower Floral Invitation Banner

Floral Invitation Banner for Bridal Shower


Blossoming Floral Invitation Templates

Flowers are by nature diversified and versatile. Artists find them easy to use and deal with because they do not to exert much effort in making them standout. But there are also techniques and strategies adopted by designers to enrich the innate beauty of floral designs. Here are some of them:

  • Using the right color scheme. In using floral themes, it is imperative to keep a keen eye regarding the application of the right mix of color, texture, and artistic designs. The colors used must not be in contrast to the colorful aura of the floral. The overall color scheme must make the flower the queen of the design.
  • Style them according to the theme of the celebration. As you know, there are thousands of flower types in the world. You must use them in accordance to the purpose of your celebration such as in cases of weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, and even for funerals.
  • Put a sprinkle of you in it. As you can see, the artists made sure that the colors and type of flower used very well matched the theme and personality of the design.

Indeed, you should use it in conjunction to the rationale behind the design. Some examples of flowers that interior designers fancy and use in their designs are cherry blossoms, ranunculus, anemones, lilacs, and, of course, the rose. Flowers are your best friend and will give more meaning to your design.

Floral Party Invitation Banner

Floral Graduation Invitation Banner

A Flower That Tells a Story

A flower is not just a symbol of beauty. It means a lot more. A single kind of flower grows for a certain meaning. In the world of designs especially in designing your invitation cards, it is a good practice to know the meaning behind the kind of flower used. A flower tells a story. It is up to you how you make use of that story to put your design in the pedestal. Here are some of examples of famous flowers and their corresponding meanings:

  • Rose. The rose is famous for its passionate beauty, which channels the idea of love, passion, romance, and perfection.
  • Tulips. These are famous in most countries in the world. They are known as a symbol of elegance, warmth, and a sprinkle of innocence.
  • Orchids. These are famous for their fragrance. They symbolize sophistication, uniqueness, luxury, and strength.
  • Sunflowers. There are known to be the symbol of summer. They symbolize creativity, light, happiness, and joy.

These are just some of the renowned flowers in the world, but don’t be boxed by the mentioned meanings because each flower may also mean something more to you. What are you waiting for? Feel free to download our templates. If you’re looking for banner templates (Download Banner Templates), we also have them for you.

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