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When using flowers as part of your designs, we usually incorporate the flowers themselves in the designs, not knowing you can also include the stems and leaves as well. Using flower leaves and stems in your design is also an artistic approach from the usual flower artwork.

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Here, we share some flower leaf templates you can use to create different kinds of designs. We also share a brief description on some flower leaf templates and share some purposes of using flower leaf templates. You can also use Paper Flower Templates if you want to incorporate paper flowers for a paper-themed design.

Flower  Leaf Template Example

flower leaf template example

Flower Stem and Leaf Template

flower stem and leaf templateDownload

Paper Flower Leaf Template

paper flower leaf templateDownload

Small Flower Leaf Template

small flower leaf templateDownload

Flower Leaf Pattern Template

flower leaf pattern templateDownload

Flower Leaf Template Examples

The main purpose for using flower leaf templates is to help users create an artistic approach to their designs using flower leaves and stems. Here are some of our flower leaf templates you can use to improve your creations:

  • Small Flower Leaf Template. You can use this template when making borderlines for your designs, as this template lets you focus more on the use of long stems with short leaves sticking out perfect for borderline designs.
  • Flower Leaf Pattern Template. This template focuses more on giving a colorful background to your designs by giving you layers of colorful leaves and flowers.
  • Flower Leaf Cut-Out Template. This template lets you paste flower leaf cut-outs in your designs. You can use this template as additional decoration for your artwork.
  • Flower Leaf Outline Template. This template focuses on leaf patterns as main outlines. You can print out this template and use it as gift wrappers or use them as backgrounds for your designs.
  • Simple Flower Leaf Template. This can be used as borderlines and additional decorations for your designs. This is commonly used for simple designs.

Our website also provide additional Flower Templates that you can download for free, but be sure to check the author or publisher for any restrictions they may have with the templates.

Flower Leaf Cut Out Template

flower leaf cut out templateDownload

Flower Leaf Outline Template

flower leaf outline templateDownload

Daisy Flower Leaf Template

daisy flower leaf templateDownload

Sun Flower Leaf Template

sun flower leaf templateDownload

Simple Flower Leaf Template

simple flower leaf templateDownload

Different Uses for Flower Leaf Templates

Besides from providing you with premade designs you can use to enhance creativity and save you time from doing such effects from scratch, you can also use flower leaf templates for different purposes such as the following:

  • Designs for invitations. You can use flower leaf templates as foundation for designing creative invitations. With the templates readily available, all you have to do is just add more of your own designs or print them right away.
  • Additional decoration. Using flower leaf templates as an additional decoration can also help make your artwork look more creative. Commonly, leaf and stem templates are usually used as overlays and borderlines for pictures. You can also use these types of templates to add decorations to pots, mugs, and clothing as well as help you with nature-themed designs.
  • Total control. Generally, you have total control over everything you make and create adjustments to how you can add flower leaf effects in your designs.

You can also check out our website for more flower leaf design templates. You can also use Flower Petal Templates to add more flower background effects in your designs. You can also use flower petal effects as overlays in your pictures and posters.

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