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9+ Kid’s Bookmark Templates

If you are an reader, you would understand the appeal of having a bookmark. This is particularly true for paper books, which lack a search feature, so memorable passages have to be marked in more mundane ways.

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Bookmarks are readily available in many stores, but it is also possible for you to produce your own, with the help of a Bookmark Design Template. This allows you to design and print out your own bookmarks, tailor made for whatever purpose you want.

Kid Cartoon Bookmark Template


Kid Picture Bookmark Template


DIY Kid Bookmark Template


Printable Kid Bookmark Template


Personalized Kid’s Bookmark Template


What You Want from a Children’s Bookmark Template

One particular use for such templates is making bookmarks especially for children. This is especially useful for children as bookmarks can be used as encouragement to get them to read. Of course, being that these are bookmarks aimed at children, the templates will need certain qualities in order to make appealing bookmarks for children. Some ways this could be done include:

  • Blank Bookmark Template. Having a blank template allows you to fill up your bookmark with any details that you want. This allows you to tailor your bookmark in order to appeal specifically to a particular child and take his interests into account.
  • Photo Bookmark Template. Another ploy you can use to hold a child’s attention with a bookmark is to add photos, possibly of the child, so that he has something interesting to hold his attention. Or else, you could add photos relevant to the child’s reading history so he can associate his favorites with the act of reading.
  • Simple. The template should naturally be simple to modify for whatever purposes you need. If you only want to make a basic bookmark for children to use, it does not have to be too complicated. Your template should be equally simple to modify so you can just make a simple, appealing bookmark.

Free Bookmark Template for Kids


Kid’s Minimalist Bookmark Template


Free Kid’s Bookmark Template


Animal Bookmark Template for Kids


Appeal of Children’s Bookmark Templates

Being that you are making bookmarks targeted at children, it is not impossible for you to use those bookmarks as tools to help encourage children to read. Coloring Bookmark Templates For Kids are a particular example, as they can even be colored by children, just to make them more fun for children to use. There are a number of other ways to use these bookmarks to urge children to become readers, such as the following:

  • Interesting Designs. Since you can design your bookmarks however you want, you should be able to design your bookmarks to make them especially appealing to children. One good example is corner bookmarks, which can be made to resemble animals or monsters if you know how.
  • Encouraging Messages. You may also add messages to your bookmarks if you think it effective. This can be a way to encourage and push children to becoming more readers by giving them direct inspiration to read more and advice that they can absorb.

Being able to make your own bookmarks is a good way of creating personalized bookmarks for any reason. This is especially true for children, who should always be encouraged to pursue interests that are good for them. These templates should be an especially effective tool to get children to read more.

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