8+ Pennant Invitation Banners


Are you tasked to organize a party or an event? You should consider using our pennant invitation banner design templates. Traditionally, invitations come in envelope forms and disseminated to guests and participants. However, trying new and different options is always fun.

These pennant invitations banner templates come in various themes and styles. They are of great quality and design. To add, we’ve also provided key invitation banner ideas and information to spark your interests. Banners are never dull and boring. They have surpassed the test of times and evident in modern parties and celebrations such as birthday parties, sports fest, weddings, baby showers and more.

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Vintage Pennant Invitation Banner

vintage pennant invitation banner Download

Sports Pennant Invitation Banner

sports pennant invitation banner Download

Patriotic Pennant Invitation Banner

patriotic pennant invitation banner Download

Rustic Pennant Invitation Banner

rustic pennant invitation banner Download

Pennant Invitation Themes and Designs

In the course of designing your pennant invitations, you have to harmonize and align it with a certain theme. The theme brings consistency and vibrancy to the design. There are various printable banner templates  that you use to develop your invitations. Here are some suggested themes and their corresponding templates.

  • Vintage pennant invitation banner template – If you’re planning to pull off a nostalgic aura, you can use this template. Vintage designs make your banners more connected to the guests. The color scheme adopted is refined which showcase simplicity and sophistication.
  • Sports pennant invitation banner template – For sports fan and enthusiasts, you can use this penchant banner design. It is artistically inclined the world of sports which make it very engaging in throwing victory and welcoming parties for athletes and their families and supporters.
  • Rustic pennant invitation banner template – Rustic designs are becoming famous and highly recommended nowadays. It showcases simplicity and provides a countryside atmosphere.

These are some designs and themes that you may use in creatively crafting your penchant banner design. By using them, you can give your potential guests something to look forward to in the upcoming event.

Pennant Birthday Invitation Banner

pennant birthday invitation banner Download

Pennant Baby Shower Invitation Banner

pennant baby shower invitation banner Download

Graduation Pennant Invitation Banner

graduation pennant invitation banner Download

Pennant Bridal Shower Invitation Banner

pennant bridal shower invitation banner Download

Basic Elements of a Banner Invitation

Indeed, a banner invitation is a quirky and different way of sending invites to your guests.However, they are still considered as an invitation which means they should have the essential details that invitations provide. Banner design templates and invitation templates do have their differences.However, they are still considered as an invitation which means they should have the essential details that invitations provide.

  • Firstly, you need to include the type of event you’re planning to conduct. Banner invitations are used for wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation after party and many more. To add, provide the name of the party’s host.
  • Secondly, you need to provide the fundamentals of an invitation such as the date, time, venue, place, reply instructions, attire instructions, and other relevant instructions that the guests will need. Because a pennant invitation banner is not your ordinary banner, you need to plan how to creatively insert the elements of an invitation into it without compromising its structure and design.
  • And lastly, use a font size and font style that matches or empowers your theme. In the end of the day, it would be useless if you’re invitation’s details are difficult to decipher and read. Don’t let your design overshadow the key information.

These are some of the essential elements of an invitation. Our templates are just here to support you in creating your own masterpiece.

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