8+ Printable Ticket Templates

A ticket is a kind of voucher or document that can specifically tell that a person has already paid for a certain event that he or she wanted to attend to. It can also be used as a sign of a raffle entry, a paid reservation for food functions, and other activities.

Other than its purpose, a ticket must also be pleasing to the eyes and must carry the theme that is being used by a certain event. Our sample Ticket Templates will help you create your own printable ticket that you may use for specific purposes.

Make sure that the tickets that you are to give to your consumers are not boring looking. This article can help you with that with the guidelines and samples that we will give.

Raffle Ticket Template

Raffle Ticket Template


Movie Ticket Template



Holiday Dinner Ticket Template



Concert Ticket Template

Concert Ticket Template


Event Ticket Template

Event Ticket Template


The Elements of an Effective Ticket

Usually, a ticket contains all this important information:

  • The ticket number or code—to assure that no tickets are the same and will not be used twice. This will also be of help for sales monitoring and counter checking.
  • The name of the event where the ticket is purposely made for.
  • The name of the ticket holder or the seat number that he or she has reserved if there’s any.
  • Information about the use of the ticket including guidelines, terms and conditions.
  • The name of the company, and sometimes including the issuing department, that issued the ticket.

We have Blank ticket templates available for download as we want to help you maximize its usage. As said, there are different purposes why a ticket is made, so designing one that is suited for yourself or a company that is to use it should be easy. Our blank ticket templates will help you just with that.

Going back to how and when tickets are used, it may be for the purpose of the following events:

  • A company invitation where seats are reserved.
  • Parties.
  • Live sports watching.
  • A raffle. (Keep track of the ticket number and be sure that you put your name and details correctly on the ticket part that you have given to the organizers of the event.)
  • A movie showing.
  • A banquet invitation.
  • Concerts.
  • Events.

Christmas Event Ticket Template



Vintage Ticket Template

Vintage Ticket Template


Party Ticket Template

Party Ticket Template


Anniversary Ticket Template



Sport Ticket Template

Sport Ticket Template


Always make sure to safe keep your tickets as it can be your only way of entry to a specific event, especially if there are no checklists in the welcoming area. You need to be able to show them for verification to a representative. Usually, those who have given you the tickets have systems that can identify if your ticket is truly from them.

If you have lost your ticket before the event even happens, make sure to report it immediately. Based on the rules and regulations of the company being provided regarding lost of tickets, a certain call of action will be done.

After the event, you may either throw or keep your ticket. Some tickets are even framed if it is for a special purpose or an event which is very important to the person who bought it. It can also be a good interior design item as it is unique and has designs that may complement a room where it will be displayed.

You may take a look at our raffle ticket templates if you need it for any purposes.


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