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Thank-you gift tags are used to supplement the gifts that the host of a party or an event give as a way of appreciation and thankfulness to the people who have attended the occasion. Though a souvenir will already be a great take home item for the guests, sending them thank-you gift tags together with the gift can actually make the gift giving more personal.

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Sharing gifts truly can provide joy to both ends. If you want to say thank you to a person who has joined you in celebrating a life event, then giving him or her a gift that contains a gift tag with a heartfelt message is the way to do it.  Aside from our thank you gift tags, we also have downloadable samples of Favor Tag Templates just for you.

Free Gift Tag Template

free gift tag template

Wedding Thank-You Gift Tag

wedding thank you gift tag1


Baby Shower Thank-You Gift Tag

baby shower thank you gift tag1Download

Free Printable Thank-You Gift Tag

free printable thank you gift tagDownload

Thank You Christmas Gift Tag

thank you christmas gift tagDownload

Events Where Thank-You Gift Tags Are Usable

There are different events where a thank you gift tag can be useful. Each of them have different inclusions but is mostly done for the purpose of relaying a message of thanksgiving. A few of these thank you gift tags are as follows:

  • Wedding Thank-You Gift Tag
  • Baby Shower Thank-You Gift Tag
  • Thank-You Christmas Gift Tag
  • Thank-You Birthday Gift Tag

The addition of the gift tags in the gifts to be given in this event can truly make a big difference.

Other Kinds of Thank you Gift Tags

Aside from the thank you gift tags that have been listed above, here are other templates of thank you gift tags that you may download from this article should you be needing to use them in a particular event that you will host:

  • Free Printable Thank You Gift Tag
  • Thank-You Love Gift Tag
  • Thank-You Favor Gift Tag

Other than our thank-you gift tag templates and samples, our other kinds of Gift Tag Templates are also available for download.

Personalized Thank You Gift Tag

personalized thank you gift tagDownload

Thank You Love Gift Tag

thank you love gift tagDownload

Wooden Thank You Gift Tag

wooden thank you gift tagDownload

Thank You Favor Gift Tag

thank you favor gift tagDownload

Thank You Gift Tags Template

thank you gift tags template

Benefits of Using Thank-You Gift Tags

Using a thank you gift thanks can give you the following benefits:

  • It will allow your guests to remember the details of the event especially if they will use your gift as an additional design material to their home.
  • Thank-you gift tags can make your guests feel more appreciated. You can send personal thank you messages in your gift tags so that the guests can read it all over again should they see the thank you gift tag after the event.
  • It can actually be a way for organizers to see the number of people who have already taken their gifts. Thank-you gift tags can have particular names on them to assure the count of gifts is equal to the people who have attended the event. Moreover, it can also be a way of organizing the gifts if there are different gift items depending on the participation of a person to the occasion.

Suggestions in Designing Thank-You Gift Tags

Here are a few suggestions that you may use in designing you thank you gift tags:

  • You can use vintage textures and other icons to make your thank-you gift tag fit the theme of the event if you are using the vintage feel and mood in many elements of the occasion.
  • Personalized thank-you gift tags may also be created by adding different items and design materials to the base of the thank-you gift tag.
  • Wooden thank you gift tags also are highly suggested to be used if your event location is outdoors or the theme of your event is related to nature or any other natural elements.

Other than our thank you gift tags, a variety of Thank-You Tags samples are also available for you to browse through, download, and use.

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