12 Typography Wall Art Designs


Typography is a contemporary form of visual art that makes use of beautifully designed text tat is presented in a visually stimulating manner. Some typography artworks take odd shapes or are arranged so as to portray the underlying message of the text itself. Oftentimes, the subject matter is literally painted through words in typography.

Typography art designs are pretty sought after works, especially when it comes to interior decorating. Whether it’s in the house, at the office, or in a public venue, typography has been a great wall art piece that sets to inspire, motivate, and intrigue. They are eye-catching pieces of design that make the room brighter.

We’ve listed some of the most adorable and profound typography wall art designs that are sure to make your heart sing. They’re dressed in minimalism, and are ready for download ad purchase. Check them out!

Love Lives Here Typography


Let loved ones feel right at home with this “Love Lives Here” typography wall art. It has a minimalist look with a simple typography font with a raw handwritten quality and a few splash marks to make it look personal and casual.

Pastel And Matt


Watercolor Typography Wall Art

Offline in the New Luxury

Watercolor Typography VectorWatercolor Typography Vector

Watercolor typography is such a charming and dainty addition to the artist’s home or office space. It’s a great wall design to encourage the viewer to be more creative, and to inspire him or her to go out and try something new. Watercolor adds to the effect of creating a calm and inspirational environment for the person looking at the wall art design.

Kitchen Wall Art

This Kitchen is for Dancing

Putting up a typographic wall art in your kitchen makes the space more homey and welcoming. Because kitchens tend to be a more “behind-the-scenes” type of space, adding a nice and fun artwork can really make the place more warm and presentable.

Cupcake Typography Wall Art


Funny Typography Wall Art

People who Love to Eat

Creative typography designs are best expressed in the Cupcake Typography Wall Art and Funny Typography Wall Art designs. Eating is an important part of everyone’s daily routine. And some people just happen to be more passionate about it than most. These typography designs, while eye-catching and unique, are also effective designs to keep the space light and positive.

Animal typography is also one aspect of typographic designs that are wonderful to look at. Have your walls looking fierce and adventurous with this Adventure Digital Art Print. It looks completely refreshing and is a great inspirational message to come across everyday.

Adventures Typography Wall Art

Ready fro New Adventures

Floral Typography Design


Make your urban chic home even more so with this floral typography wall art design. Floral designs are not always limited to delicate script fonts and dainty vintage invites. They can look just as mod and stylish in the urban setup. A fantastic mix of edgy and femininity, this Floral Typography Design can be a head-turner for your office space or urban cafe.

Into the Woods Poster Design

Into the Woods

This Into the Woods Poster Design is the perfect statement piece to your living room, retail store, or work space. It’s calming while being very modern and sophisticated. Its neutral and subdued tones don’t scream too much for attention, but can still pique people’s interest nonetheless.

Inspirational Typography Wall Art Design


A motivational poster design is often quoting a famous icon or artist of some sort. This is to really inspire the reader and to have a greater impact on him or her. This quote by Pablo Picasso, for example, inspires one to keep learning and to do so by doing. There is no better teacher than experience, and that’s something one should be reminded of everyday through amazing poster designs.

Download these typography designs and have your homes, offices, or stores look more personal and cozy to be in. They’re a way to make people feel more comfortable; and can be great sources of inspiration for anyone who might come across them, eve you. Your typographic wall art designs can not only serve as decorative pieces, they can be great advertising design pieces as well.

Get your own typography wall art design right here and see your space turn even just a shade brighter!

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