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Searching for a bookmark design that help you reminisce past memories? The search is over. We know that bookmarks are handy, cute, and significant, especially for those who are book lovers and students. It makes their lives much easier and convenient. To add more to the excitement, our designs right here are all inspired by vintage designs.

14+ FREE BOOKMARK Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher

There is more to them than a mere scrap of paper. They help you to be engaged more in the course of your reading. In line with this, we have an array of high-quality Bookmark Design Template that are easy to download included in this list and among others on our website. Your search for bookmarks should not be stressful. Start downloading our templates and you’ll surely satisfy your artistic preferences.

DIY Vintage Bookmark Template

diy vintage bookmark templateDownload

Printable Vintage Bookmark Template

printable vintage bookmark templateDownload

Vintage Ivory Bookmark Template

vintage ivory bookmark templateDownload

Important Historical Facts about Bookmarks

Based on history, bookmarks are already in existence even during the early times. They a have also evolved and develop through time. In a nutshell, here are some of the historical highlights of the life of the bookmark:

  • Historians said that the earliest form of bookmarks is made of ornamented leather lined with vellum on the back and was attached with a leather strap to the cover of a Coptic codex found near Sakkara, Egypt.
  • During the medieval period, bookmarks were already used, usually consisting of small parchment strips attached at the end of a folio.
  • It was only in the 1850s that the first detached and collectible bookmarks began to appear.
  • During the nineteenth century, woven pictorial bookmarks were produced by Thomas Steven. He also called such bookmarks as Stevengraphs. This is also the time that silk woven bookmarks became widely used.

Moving forward, bookmarks nowadays still come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles. They have also adopted various color schemes. As what you can see from our templates, our vintage books embody timeless designs. You can also refer to our Blank Bookmark Templates and Photo Bookmark Templates if you want to design your own photo bookmark from scratch.

Personalized Vintage Bookmark Template

personalized vintage bookmark templateDownload

Vintage Metal Bookmark Template

vintage silver bookmark templateDownload

Vintage Silver Bookmark Template

vintage silver bookmark template1Download

Vintage Button Bookmark Template

vintage button bookmark templateDownload

Vintage Leather Bookmark Template

vintage leather bookmark templateDownload

Vintage Key Bookmark Template

vintage key bookmark templateDownload

 Key Points to Remember about Vintage Bookmarks

Never underestimate the power of bookmarks. They can be effective marketing tools and at the same time a good means to invest your time and energy. Here are some tips to consider in designing bookmarks:

  • Adopt an eye-catching and memorable design. Specifically in the field of vintage bookmarks, there are various vintage designs to adopt that can elevate your design. Put a sprinkle of emotion and passion on your design to truly evoke memories of a time long past.
  • Size and layout matters. This element may be considered as subjective because others may like a smaller bookmark while others fancy the bigger ones. But most of the time, the size and layout of the bookmarks follow a certain theme and line of design.
  • Use the right color schemes. Our choice of color tells a part of our personality. That is why bookworms choose those bookmarks that complement their style and personality.

These are just some of points to remember about vintage bookmarks. They are truly fascinating. You can also try our Coloring Bookmark Templates For Kids. Feel free to download them.

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